EA has finally done it (Wii FIFA 2013 is just the beginning?)

Per Game|Life and Dubious Quality:

The soccer game FIFA is one of Electronic Arts’ biggest franchises, especially outside the U.S. The latest iteration, FIFA 13, sold 4.5 million copies in its first 5 days; EA called it the biggest launch in the history of sports games.

It’s one of the last games that Electronic Arts is still releasing on Nintendo’s aging Wii hardware. But buyers of this year’s footy sim got a nasty surprise: EA didn’t bother developing a new version. On Wii, FIFA 13 is identical to last year’s FIFA 12.

Yes, the uniforms and players have been updated to match this year’s rosters, the website Nintendo Gamer reported. But otherwise, it’s a re-release of the same game with a new number on the box: The same gameplay modes, character models, graphics, menu screens, dialogue. And the same $50 price tag.

EA sure does like to do so much for their paying consumer, don’t they? I’m pretty sure their F2P initiatives will be worth their full price tag.

Wow, that’s some primo asshattery there. EA makes Activision look good.