EA Maxis layoffs

This describes my reaction to Societies pretty well. Once I found out what Societies was like, I had absolutely no interest in it. I found myself wishing for Simcity 5 instead, and playing Simcity 4 in the mean time.

Simtropolis still going as strong as ever, by the way. Although I see no mention of this news on their site.

The next version of SimEarth just needs better graphics, and to incorporate SimLife, using the Spore creature system.

I didn’t mean to make it sound like I thought Societies had killed the franchise, just that when you look at that game and the long time since SimCity 4 there should be some concern on the part of fans as to what EA/Maxis’ plans are. At the very least it suggests they are uncertain of where to go with the franchise.



So much for “Spore will be not simply be a game but a platform!”

Hopefully EA learned that DRM might kill any game if the backlash is big enough…


Damn. Godspeed, and good luck with your project!

All the best and I definately will keep an eye out for “SpyParty”.
The quick-job website already looks pretty tempting! :)

Thanks, that’s a good sign! I’ll post more about it next week after I get back from the GDC advisory board meeting.


Thanks! Exciting and scary times ahead. :)


Very sorry to hear about the layoff. However your indie game sounds very interesting. For years I’ve kind of hoped that someone would take the old work done on Microprose’s Covert Action and turn it into a real spy game. Although what you are working on sounds slightly different, I’m glad to see someone picking up the torch and trying a decent spy game. It sounds like you’re taking one cool facet of spying, introducing multiplayer, and running with the concept. I’m interested!

Good luck with the game as well as future endeavors. Keep the positive attitude you seem to have right now and you’ll be fine.

Sorry to hear about the layoff. That sucks, but hopefully it’s the start of something bigger and better for you.

I was just thinking about how we really, really need more good spy games. Yay. I still have fond memories of SpyCraft, though I can’t imagine it would hold up now.

Good luck, Chris. I have the site bookmarked now–do us all proud!

Spyparty sounds like “The Ship” but more focused on espionage and trickery.

I know who I would shoot, I don’t care how cute you are, plaid is a crime against humanity. Unless in a kilt of course, but the end result is still the same if for a different reason.

I would shoot the guy with the golden halo at his feet too, just in case they sent a backup. And of course the possible photographer in the foreground, that’s far too good of an excuse for a spy.

Can’t say it would be prudent to let the general live either, the high ranking military official is a great ploy to bluster your way through.

Oh to hell with it. We get high explosives I hope?

There has been discussion of a mode where the sniper has more than one bullet. Not sure it’s a good idea to step onto that particular slope, it seems fairly well greased. :)

My favorite idea so far with the photographer is that his camera will act as a “social flashbang”, where when it goes off it’ll bloom the screen for the sniper for a sec if he’s looking in that direction.