EA says offline gaming will still be delivered

Title EA says offline gaming will still be delivered
Author Nick Diamon
Posted in News
When August 28, 2013

Electronic Arts' Peter Moore wants to clarify some statements that were reported from Gamescom. Moore had said that EA won't "deliver offline experiences anymore" and that we can expect free-to-play versions of "every major franchise..

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Is it funny that the most exciting news I took from this was the stuff about SimCity? Because that highway/bridge layout in the picture looks sexy.

You're never going to get an offline mode with SimCity. There's too much hubris tied up with changing the way the game works...EA would essentially have to admit they lied about the game requiring online and that their decision to go that route was dead wrong. I don't see that happening, ever.

I believe it should be "Electronic Arts'" rather than "Electronic Art's".

Yeah, too bad you're seeing literally the entire city in the screenshot.


It's funny because it's true.

Just how extensive are these "offline modes" is my question

Another correction:
"manually raising and lowering of roads" should be "manually raising and lowering standards".

I hear-tell from the inside that The Sims 4 was COMPLETELY REWORKED to be an offline game and not the originally planned continuation of the Sim City thing.

So you lost your new Sims Online hybrid, I hope you are all happy!

I do not care, never dug those games.

If that's true, I'm ecstatic. Not that I'm all that likely to play the Sims 4.