EA shuts down Motor City Online

Yep, just as I predicted here some months back. Gack this email

Starting August 29, 2003, Motor City Online will no longer be in service. Your subscription billing will end on July 16, 2003 and no accounts will be billed after that date. You may continue to play the game up until the closure date, although certain community programs will begin to be closed down starting in March.

All of us at Motor City Online would like to thank you for participating in such a special online community and hope that your passion for hot rods and racing will continue on beyond this game experience. As a token of appreciation, we would like to offer you a free copy of The Sims Online* or Ultima Online*. To redeem your copy, please contact us at 1-866-543-5435 or 1-512-434-6740 if you are outside of the United States. Please note that your Motor City Online account will be closed when you accept this special offer and this offer is valid only until July 16, 2003.

First Majestic, now MCO. Next stop, EnB, then for the loss-induced home run, TSO.

and they try to leverage this disaster into getting you into Sims Online.

Nice try…

I’ll bet the ex-Ultima Online 2 team are having a good laugh about all this.

I got that email too. Quickly followed by this one:

Dear Sir or Madam,

Please note that the Motor City Online service announcement emailed to you earlier today was intended only for active subscribers to Motor City Online as of 2/26/03. If you have a cancelled or suspended account, you are not eligible for the free game offer. We appreciate your past patronage and apologize for any confusion.

Please refer to our Motor City Online Game Help if you have further questions. We deeply regret this error.

Thank you,

Electronic Arts

Thank God…

You’d think they could take the time to personally email all 3 subscribers.

First Majestic, now MCO. Next stop, EnB, then for the loss-induced home run, TSO

Don’t forget Multiplayer Battletech: 3025 which was a matter of 2 weeks from being completed . 20,000 players ready to pay $10 month and they pulled the plug. Real smooth EA…thanks for that.

Anyhow, I played MCO for awhile but things just never gelled the way the team intended. The community managers and player community in general were a great group of people though.