EA Sports presents... College Baseball?

After losing the MLB license, EA has opted to keep the MVP team busy with this. But is this a game anyone wants?

Baseball’s Back With EA’S MVP 06 NCAA Baseball; The Highest-Rated and Top-Selling Baseball Franchise Goes Back to School Next Spring

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sept. 7, 2005–Electronic Arts (Nasdaq:ERTS) announced today that MVP™ 06 NCAA(R) Baseball is in development and scheduled for release in spring 2006 under the EA SPORTS™ brand. This new version of the best-selling and critically acclaimed MVP Baseball™ franchise is being produced by Electronic Arts Canada in Vancouver, B.C., and will celebrate everything that makes NCAA(R) baseball unique – aluminum bats, intense action, and stadiums filled with school spirit and packed with passionate fans.

Complete with an engaging visual presentation and ESPN’s Mike Patrick and former Stanford All-American Kyle Peterson calling the action, MVP 06 NCAA Baseball features an all-new Custom Ballpark feature and a robust Create a Player option. The game also includes exclusive new online features for the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system and Xbox Live.

“The excitement surrounding the College World Series and college baseball as a whole continues to rise with fan attendance and public interest increasing each year,” said Dennie Poppe, NCAA Managing Director for Baseball and Football. “MVP 06 NCAA Baseball will allow fans an opportunity to experience college baseball through high tech video that has thrilling game action, along with the exciting team spirit and atmosphere that you see during an actual game. We’re pleased to work with EA on this project that will bring fans even closer to NCAA college baseball.”

This makes no sense; no one gives a crap about college baseball except those that play it, MLB scouts, and people that have nothing else to watch in the CWS is on - which admittedly this year was a friggin great competition, but come on.

Next there will be college golf and volleyball. Softball for the 1% of female gamers out there. You know what I mean.

— Alan

Yeah, I got that release in email and had to read it a few times to make sure it wasn’t college basketball. How many people even know what the “road to Omaha” is?

I wonder what the ratings were like for the CWS this year… just seems to me this one was a hell of a lot better than a few previous years… if it was really high or much improved, maybe that was the reason why they picked up the license.

— Alan

Yeah, but it’s still something new, and at least it keeps EA working on the excellent MVP engine. I’m also intrigued simply because this isn’t the same old MLB game. Plus we’ll get to hear the “Plink!” of aluminum bats!

What bothers me is that EA is apparently only releasing this for consoles. So unless 2K ports their baseball game next year, we won’t have a single arcade baseball game on the PC in 2006. That truly, totally sucks.

You can count the number of reasons for why EA’s making a college baseball game on one 2k Sports branded finger.

Doubtful, unless 2k somehow steals the PGA license from EA and the NCAA lets EA tart up it’s women volleyball teams to DoA levels.

Oh pooh. That will suck.

— Alan

MVP - MLB. They couldn’t do much else.

Are there actually any good baseball games anymore? The last one I played was, I think, Hardball on the C64.


Ha! Awesome!


Isn’t this just a way of churning out another sports game, but saving money on the licences?

2k sports has the exclusive license to the MLBPA and MLB properties, so it’s more of a case of “When life gives you lemons”

Time for some spring piing.

I wonder if they’ll include a simulation angle for would-be college managers? It’d be neat to recruit and develop while trying to contend for a CWS berth.

Try any of the baseball threads we’ve been discussing in, oh, the past few years.

— Alan

Will there be crooked alumni boosters and casual sex with gold digging co-ed’s?

Maybe they can just sublicense the sex mini-games from GTA:SA or God of War… that would work!

Can Bull Durham: The Game be far behind?

C’mon, meat!