EA SPORTS WRC - Like Racing But Rally (Follow up to DiRT Rally 2 by Codies)

Thanks for that! That all sounds great. I can’t believe they are actually going to have Spring/Summer/Fall/Winter versions of tracks. I wonder how many locations they’ll do that with? That’s really neat.

Can’t watch it in full now, but will in a bit. Looks like they spent more time on the details of the stages which is awesome. The one knock I had on Dirt 2 was that the stages kind of looked pretty generic. Especially if you compared it to the rally game which had amazing stages. (And not so amazing other things.)

My online racing league has a group of rally people using Dirt (and now I think they use D2). I got talked into joining their rally league, supposedly the casual league. You’d have a weekly rally to complete. OK Cool. But then I got into it and each rally had alot of stages. It was a while ago, but maybe 7 or 9. I think I lasted 2 weeks because it was a massive time commitment to just run all the stages, much less maybe doing at least one practice run so you didn’t bin the car in stage 1 or 2. Actually I think that is when I quit is when I did bin the car in an early stage.

Oh geez they modeled the stages after the real roads. That would explain why it looked so much better to me. That was really the only thing Dirt was missing so I’m super excited now.

Yeah, the stages in EA Sports WRC are taking a page out of the DiRT Rally book and looking to recreate one or more real life stages. So, you might have noticed that Col de Turini appears in the gameplay deep dive, as does Mexico’s famous El Cholocate stage.

WRC’s version of Col de Turini won’t be a complete retread\rehash of DiRT Rally’s Col de Turini stage though. The EA Sports WRC version takes a hard right a the top of the Col rather than a familiar left, sending you down complete new, previously unseen, roadways and vistas.

This looks fantastic, maybe the best Rally game in a very long time. But I’m struggling to unpack my personal feelings about it. I played the hell out of Richard Burns and Colin McRae, but it’s been a long time since I loved a racing game, and even longer since I loved a Rally game. I’m not at all sure this is something I would get enjoyment out of at this stage (heh) of my life, despite wanting to.

I’ve found most Rally games are quite fun with a gamepad so it’s not that big of an investment if you wait for a sale. Dirt 2.0 I’m actually faster on the gamepad than my wheel setup. That doesn’t hold true for any other sim racer lol.

I haven’t seen what they are doing in terms of the career mode. The WRC career mode was leaps and bounds better than anything Codemasters has ever done. Dirt 2.0 had a crap career mode.

Wow, that’s impressive. I tried with a gamepad for a while but I just couldn’t get the fine adjustments needed to counter wheel slips and hitches and always wind up over or under reacting, leading to lots of crashes or overly careful turns.

Ya I’m in day 1. They have everything I wanted. I don’t need the deepest career mode in the world, but I hated how Dirt 2 did it. This looks perfect.

I wonder what the heck VIP passes are? If it’s nothing too exploitative, then I’m probably on Day -3.

Good video. I don’t necessarily like the whole team building approach to campaign, but I don’t mind it either.

The stages are sooooo much better than 2.0. I can’t freaking wait!

Especially loved the look of just how narrow some of the Japanese tarmac roads can be. That seems like it should be a fun, technical driving challenge.

Trying to figure out who thinks a one lane road with no divider on the side of a mountain is good enough. I remember the drive down to Muir Beach near SF was harrowing enough with the two tight lanes. Maybe for somewhere with no truck or coach traffic… and no residents…

Considering that they switched to the Unreal Engine, I’m really impressed that the dashboard cam gameplay looks pretty much identical to DiRT Rally 2.0, at least judging from just watching that video, which is not a great way to judge a game like this, but it’s what I have to go on.

We need a Skipper’s Canyon stage for NZ. It’s gravel, so it’s made for rally, right?

A variety of video games press and content creators, for lack of a better word, recently got to get a hands-on preview with an in-development build of the game. The embargo for that dropped earlier this week, so there are a number of streams, videos, and preview articles about for anyone interested.

I felt like sharing this video of one of the Rallye Monte Carlo stages to emphasize just how different, or expanded, some of the returning locations are going to be compared to their Dirt Rally 2.0 counterparts. Case in point, the 16.64 kilometre-long La Bâtie-Neuve - Saint-Léger-les-Mélèzes stage has no parallel in the Dirt Rally series.

Those pace notes are absolutely bonkers!