EA SPORTS WRC - Like Racing But Rally (Follow up to DiRT Rally 2 by Codies)

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My strategy of waiting until everybody else DNFs is taking shape!

DNFs are recorded as 16 minutes apparently. So you can’t completely skate by! You still have to put in some effort to beat us.

This was stage 5 for instance.

So we both had that for the last stage.

Also don’t forget to try the Alpine this time. It’s a real pleasure to drive even though it’s RWD.

You’re right about the Alpine; it’s a blast. Definitely my favorite RWD car so far.

I put in a few stages. I do really like this Greece rally even if it’s a bit terrifying at times (especially with the faster cars).

I passed on this at launch despite being a fan of rally games. Guess I’m still OK with DR 2.0 and I seem to recall this stumbling out of the gate a bit.

What’s the expectations for this series at the minute in terms of iteration? Have EA confirmed or is there a belief that this is now an annual series like everything else in sports? Or do we think this version of the game has a couple of years in it like the Dirt Rally games each did? Reasonable to expect WRC 2024 this year?

I sincerely hope NOT, because that’d mean they’d never get to fixing issues in one version before chucking a newly half-baked follow-on variant out the door!

I don’t get the idea that this was a success, or aimed at being an annual franchise. We’ll see, if they pick up more players once this hits EA Play, maybe EA will greenlight a sequel? When they bought Codemasters, Codies had already splurged on getting the WRC license, so I’m sure if they’re not getting good player numbers they can jettison the series. But maybe if they see a big influx of players with EA Play they’ll see the upside of doing a sequel since they have the sunk cost of doing a new engine in Unreal Engine this time, as well as having the license. We’ll see.

I guess it depends on the terms of the license.

I imagine the license factored into EA’s decision to buy Codies in the first place (albeit, to a much lesser extent than the F1 license) so it may be something they truck ahead with annually regardless.

Ideally it would be good to know either way soon, because even on sale I’m having a hard time pulling the trigger on this just in case there’s a follow up this year. FWIW my preference is to give each of these things a few years on the market per entry but… we’ll see.

Well I finished Rally Greece without dying.

Congrats! That’s not easy! It’s so hard to resist that call to go faster.

My mismanagement of the pit stops actually worked out well in that leg. Going into that last leg with extra worn tires made it more interesting for sure.

wait, what, worn tires? I repaired my vehicle at some point, but I’m not super knowledgeable about components so I just hit the ‘suggested repairs’ button and assumed I was all good… I did notice the tire section but assumed that was to switch between soft and hard etc… is that section to replace worn tires as well? I have something new to blame for my plunge over the edge!

In other news, Virtual Desktop has released their beta that fixes the VDXR DLSS incompatibilty. VD gives me by far the crispest graphics in VR for me… both Steam Link and Occulus were blurry as crap no matter what I tried. Personally with my 4090 and some settings adjusted I get smooth and crisper play without DLSS, but for those who need it, upscaling in VD still looks way better than the other options (imo, ymmv). Still not DR2 pretty, but not bad, at all.

Yes, the tires screen is where you change the tires. It shows you how worn they’ve gotten. Green, yellow, red, color coded. And if you do a shakedown, you get an extra set of tires.

But you can only change them at predetermined times per multistage set, same as repairing, right?

Yes, only at the repair phase things can you change tires. Though if you get a flat during a stage and can make it to the end, and have a spare, you will automatically use that spare I think, and not take any time penalty. If you change it during the run, it costs 90 seconds.

The Alpine was a fun car. I feel like the game cheated for me this event because there were definitely 2 distinct times I should have gotten terminal damage but it ended up resetting me. Or maybe that car is made out of some alien indestructible material.

I did the first stage this morning in Qt3 rally in Chile. Warning, it will take about 30 minutes despite being in Group B 4WD cars, so leave yourself some time for it.

That was really enjoyable. I feel like this long Chile track and Group B are made for each other. A long technical track so you don’t get too fast in your Group B car, and yet have the power to get out of turns and up the hills when you need it. I thought it was really satisfying, I hope you guys will enjoy the combination too.

Yeah, that was long and intense, but the track was broken up with so many turns there weren’t too many long straights that are the thing that kills me most days. Around 2/3rds in I started to get paranoid and lose my rythm a bit, but studied into the end. I think we would be neck in neck in that first course, Rock8man, if it wasn’t for that penalty you picked up.

I finished the other stages this morning. Some of them pretty harrowing by the end because my tires were worn, my radiator was shot, and my engine was super low powered, but still powerful enough when the power finally kicked in. The key was to hold down the accelerator until the power finally came five seconds later.

Gah, I think I ruined my chances though by taking too long in the second short repair stage because I thought fixing my steering AND my engine was worth taking the 20 second penalty for.

Did stages 2-4 last night… had a few spills right at takeoff of stage 3, the night-time lighting really threw off my perception, with turns being so dark in my peripheral. Still barely squeezed in ahead of your times, but I still have 2 legs to go… and I don’t know if my car will drag itself across the finish.

Odd because other than a few tame spills into the ditch, and once hitting a log on a corner that was pretty jarring, nothing quite explains how beat up my car is right now… if this was Mechwarrior, I’d have all my armor stripped off, internals ripped up, heat would be melting me in the cockpit…

I wonder if I’m just not shifting very nicely/smartly with all the constant turns and corners, and it’s really hard on my components. I’m also worried about my tires, with 24 whole miles to go and already 8 miles of wear on them, no service left… I’ll do the last legs tonight, before the inlaws arrive and my gaming stops for a bit.

I went with the Peugot 205 this time and had a lot of fun, but I think I prefer the Audi that I used in Portugal last time. The 205 is an absolute monster with ridiculous power, but I’m not very good at dealing with the turbo lag, especially in a rally like Chile which is loaded with hairpins.

I feel I did pretty well for the most part, but in the mid-late stages I made some stupid mistakes which had me crashing head-on into trees, and 3 foot tall shrubs-from-hell that are apparently made of titanium. Thankfully the damage wasn’t bad enough to have a major impact on performance.

Screenshot 2024-06-12 203647