EA SPORTS WRC - Like Racing But Rally (Follow up to DiRT Rally 2 by Codies)

I still live in total fear of RWD. They really do feel like you’re having to wrestle them around every corner, because if you give those back ends any leeway at all then you basically turn into a spinning top.

I can get around courses with RWD cars but doing it quickly is another skill set entirely.

I did the first five or six stages… I deliberately chose the most underpowered vehicle assuming that it would help me keep the car under control, being RWD. Well, the first stage was a still a spinny disaster, until I stumbled upon a consistent way to keep the car under control: Never apply the gas while actively turning. Once I could retrain my fingers for that, all of a sudden I wasn’t having anymore slippy mishaps and my times got better, although I do feel more cautious and slower and I’m still consistently behind Penny in most stages and Rockman inching me out on a couple.

I really like how one of the track morphs into a go karting course at some point, neat. Even if the tarmac totally threw me off my stride.

I went with super softs throughout. I could definitely tell they were running low on tread in stage 5 and it caused me to struggle a bit. I thought about going with soft at the interval but figured things had been going pretty well so I didn’t want to mess anything up like I did in Sweden. I kind of think super softs are a waste on this rally though, without there being more muddy stages to contend with.

Still, nice driving in those later stages.

I’ve driven the M3 twice now and I do like it, but next time we run H3 RWD I’m gonna try out the Lancia, even though I’ve heard it’s a death trap.

My main strategy for driving RWD is to feather the throttle in turns, accelerate and brake as smoothly as possible on tarmac, and when you’re going flat out and have to deal with slight turns (and sixes), bumps, and crests—I briefly lay off the gas and coast until I have a solid footing again. I don’t think you lose a tremendous amount of time, but it greatly reduces the likelihood of spinning out. Don’t get me wrong, I still suck, but this has helped me suck a little less.

I’m still using a gamepad, fwiw.

Yeah, on controller here, when I’m driving RWD I become hyper aware that there is a huuuuuge distance between the start of the Right Trigger and the end of the RT where it’s fully pressed. With FWD and 4WD, I can mostly think of the accelerator as being either on or off, but with RWD cars, I need to be very careful to not treat it that way.

Ugh, glad to have that one over. Must be what it’s like to race on an angry horse you haven’t broken in. Those last few stages I’d be happily going mostly straight and a second later for no discernible reason I’d done a three sixty flat spin and shaved the pine trees flat. There was a particular spot in back-to-back stages where I killed the same onlookers twice. For about ten seconds near the end I drove in gear 5 blind with the hood up in my face, but I was of that dangerous mood of chicken where I was like, you’re not gonna kill me, car, I’m going to kill you, and it dropped in time for the turn. I was confident last night I had the car figured out, but we ended in an an unsatisfactory truce.

Fun fact! I did this in real life once when my hood wasn’t latched properly. Thankfully it was on a country road early in the morning.

Well I’m sure not winning Finland. That was some of the worst driving I’ve ever done in one of these rallies. I made mistake after mistake in almost every stage, and by the end I was limping along at 40 mph with a broken suspension and a jacked up turbo.

The sad thing is, it’s really not a difficult rally, and these cars are some of the absolute best, easiest handling rally cars out there.

I did the first 7 stages. About 2.5 minutes behind Penny going into the last 3. Hopefully he messes us royally in those last three!

I mostly just went slower than normal because of the state of my car. I knew going into the last service interval that I was in trouble because my turbo had critical damage and there was no way I had enough time to replace it (or they didn’t even allow it) because I also had major damage to the car body, radiator, suspension, brakes…

I just slammed into way too many things. I went off the road numerous times as well, but thankfully I was able to recover on my own without taking too much of a hit. I did slam into a crowd of spectators once for a 7 second penalty, though. And I did get a puncture, but it was within the last sector of the stage so it didn’t hurt too much.

Played the first three stages… yeah, stage seems straighforward and the car is nice and easy to turn, but I’m finding the road deceptively narrow and the rut concave, so trying to use left foot braking to keep the speed and nose in tend to get sloppy and cause problems real fast if my wheels slip over the road edge. I got brazen on the first stage with the end gate literally in sight, my back wheel caught on the turn, and got a puncture… didn’t cost me too much though.

Felt like the service area came up way too soon, after stage two I think? Are those set to equal km intervals or just random?

I set it up a while ago, but IIRC, For this round I tried to setup 5 routes going one way, and then 5 of the same routes going back the other way. But there’s only 12 stages to choose from in each location, and I can’t always pick 5 stages that are short going both ways. I remember Finland was like that, I think two of the five stages were longer than the others, and my only other choices were even longer. So I compromised by putting in an extra service area in, but a shortest duration one.

Sorry, yeah, just me picking stuff. :slight_smile:

You can see how many service areas there are in the tire change screen when you first start.