EA support phone number?

Does such a thing exist? I can’t find one on their web page.

I just received the replacement for my broken Rock Band 2 guitar, and it’s a guitar for the wrong console. In order to expedite the newly created need to return two guitars, I would like to speak to a human right now.

If memory serves, you can get to one at support.ea.com/rockband if you create an account and log in. (However, this was back for Rock Band 1 - not sure if they’ve since deep-sixed that page or the support number.)


I also have had some guitar trouble.

Thanks so much. I submitted an electronic request earlier, and promptly received a response that asked me to send them my drum pedal. Which was somehow necessary to fix my guitar.

I just got off the phone, and apparently everything is sorted out, bud damn if their online forms aren’t eight kinds of screwed up…