EA wants to break up your marriage

I saw this post from Mythrandril over on the EA forums, as I tried to relive my glory days as a jive-talking, narcissistic glory boy:

In somewhat related sense (EA trying to save it’s online division), I received the most bizarre phone call the other day.

I tried Earth and Beyond when it first came out but cancelled after the free month. A few days ago, the phone rings, it it was the “Digital Assistant” from the Setup part of the game who walks you through your initial steps in the game. You know the one with the “sexy voice”. Anyway she said that she missed me and blah blah blah, and to hit 1 on a touchtone phone to talk to someone about reactivating my account or 2 for some other option. There was no way to terminate the call so I just hung up.

How totally twisted and freakin bizarre. Thank God my wife didn’t answer the phone or she probably would have though I was engaging in some bizarre “phone sex”. I was completely struck incredulous by this and wandered around the house mumbling to myself for hours. I can’t really say whether it pissed me off or it was an incredibly creative way of solicitation.

I’ve had a variation of this happen to me by regular telemarketers, from time to time. Basically, a girl with a voice that couldn’t be sultrier if it was simultaneously blowing bubbles in my own semen: “Helllooooooooooooo! Is Johnny there? It’s Kim!” My girlfriend at the time, who was smart enough to know better, got a few similar calls that had her heckling me for weeks about my “other girlfriends”. I’m not exactly sure telemarketing companies seem to think that this approach will “sell”, and after watching the commentary to the Re-Animator DVD, where they mention that David Hill’s wife stood up during the premiere and immediately initiated divorce proceedings during the “giving head” scene, I can’t help but think how many marriages this must throw off the rails. Way to go, EA!

How exactly are they getting your phone number? Don’t recall that being required information in the setup or registration routine.

I just installed the free demo and it asked for my phone number. I almost didn’t finish the install but decided to go ahead with it. Ah well.

You guys put in your real number for stuff like that? I always just use 555 5555.

That’s your number?? Man, you must get bothered all the time!

Now if only they could get the porn star from Project Entropia to make some personal PR calls…

be sultrier if it was simultaneously blowing bubbles in my own semen

Please. For the children.

Actually my real home number is a 900 number. You can solicit my house at dinnertme, but it’ll cost ya. ;)

I don’t think the children want any of his semen, dude. You’re sick.

You know what I meant.

That’s between you and God, Jeff.

Hey that’s me. (Mythandril) I created a profile here when Dave from Bioware got fed up with Evil Avatar, and have been browsing this forum daily since then. Nice atmoshere here, and lot’s of great topics.

I find it sad when Devs are chased off boards. Their insight to the industry is always welcome and interesting, regardless if you agree with them or not. I don’t understand why people would treat devs with abuse, sure have some friendly disagreements and whatnot, but I miss Dave’s presence on the boards. Why bite the hand that feeds you so to speak.

That being said, I guess I should stay on topic.

The must get your phone number when you enter your credit card info. I bought the retail game and when you sign up and of course you enter your personal info on secure “credit card” page. It always says to make sure that the information is as exactly on your CC statement, so naturally I entered the phone number. Sounds like the 555 555 5555 is the way to go. I get enough junk mail for EA, and other game publishers as it is, and I can without the junk phone calls.

Hey Dr.Crypt, still in Europe, gotta say I miss your humour and twisted insight on Evil Avatar.