Eagle Games R.I.P.?

Not sure if this belongs in the games category or E.E., but anyways…

I just saw in the latest Computer Games (December '06) a short notice that Eagle Games (mainly a boardgame publisher, though I think they have commissioned one or two computer games), has ceased operations, with assets sold to a former employee.

I met these folks a few years back and they seemed like good folks with a successful business going. Anybody know how things went south for them, or anything else about this?

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try checking boardgmegeek.com- I know there was a long thread or two in the forums there a few months ago when it all started going down. I’m sorry I don’t know the details myself, or how it ended up- I do know that at the time they were just liquidating all their back stock at auction- I think it went to funagaingames.com. I thought at they were still continuing operations/developing new games, in particular a board game based on Sid Meier’s Pirates! I don’t know if the situation changed, though.

They went RIP like 5 months ago. Stinks cause they were a really good company. They had a big falling out with some Poker guy (lack of sales from Poker stuff) and him bakrupted the company.