My place is shakin’ like there’s a party goin’ on!

east la county big rolling waves - so it was a lon ways off, but i’d say bigger than 6.0 - nasty somewhere.

6.9 in Baja California I guess…


6.9 mexicali

Nice! Automatic wave machine in the pool!

That was an interesting one. I could see the waves flowing through the house as it lifted and fell. The one the other week woke me out of a sound sleep and shook a lot but was over quick. This one I could tell was very strong and it went on over half a minute. I was thinking 7.0 10 seconds into it. I still feel vaguely dizzy from the effects. The chandeliers were still swinging a minute later.

Yeah this one was the most, uhm, noticable quake I’ve felt since living in CA. I moved here after Northridge and there haven’t been any real big ones close by when I was living in LA, SF or here in SD area. This is the first time I’ve been in a quake where objects were actually rattled off of shelves and such.

Yikes, nice big earthquake. I’m hearing there was an initial shake, then a lull and then it got really moving.

— Alan

Nothing rattled at all here. It was like a series of large ocean swells. And that was just it - even though I figured it was at least 100 miles away, I thought it was bigger than either the San Fernando-Sylmar or Northridge quakes. The nastiest personally for me was the Whittier earthquake (about a 6.0, smaller than the two others I mentioned), and that was because I was close to the epicenter. I could hear glass breaking and a couple of nervous shrieks from women in the neighboring homes and I stood near my open door and watched the trees outside sway back and forth by a couple of feet. No reports of any real damage that I’ve heard from - but those are all U.S. sources.

Well now I really want to experience an earthquake.

I greatly enjoy them!

I’m glad you guys are all okay, sad for any tragic deaths, etc. My appreciation for the awesome power of nature is larger than my sadness at whatever tragedy random chance has caused. Not a lot we can do about that, the way I see it.

Pogo, you’re gonna love it. Er, unless you die. Here’s hoping!

Ooohing and aaaahing, that’s how it starts… But then there’s running and screaming.

What’s it like running during an earthquake?

It’s rather like falling down a fifty foot set of concrete stairs. See also: Eddie Murphy, “Aunt Bunny fell down the stairs again.”

MSNBC is reporting it as a 7.2. That’s pretty good sized.

Sit on a bed and have someone else jump up and down on it, that’s what the '89 Loma Prieta felt like.

The part he really wants to experience is seeing the glazed look of bemusement and shock on everyone’s face within 100 miles that persists for about 6-12 hours. That’s not replicable in any other way.

Nah, I already saw those expressions here in bumblefuck Appalachia after Obama was elected president.

The part that makes everything shake like someone jumping on a bed, however…

Well, you could always hope that a quake hits on the New Madrid fault, although not really since the middle of the US isn’t really prepared for one of those.

The one in 1895 which was a little smaller than the one that happened just now was felt all over the eastern US.

What does something like this do to your house’s integrity? Seems like it could cause at least some structural damage.