We're falling into the sea!!! Two quakes in a row now, 4.4 last night and 4.5 a little bit ago. Good times!


Humorously enough I've not felt a one of 'em.


Seriously! I am in Redondo Beach and felt none! My daughter is at home and she felt it (2 miles from me) and my Mother in law keeps calling my wife and freaking out but she is a bit south in Garden Grove.


I'm not far from you in The Gundo, but last night up at my home in Koreatown, I slept right through 'em.


I get freight trains coming by my house several times a night that do about that much.


Yeah, I'm in Costa Mesa, felt the first one at 11PM last night, but it was a quick bump, so no biggie. And then I thought I felt another one this morning, but couldn't even distinguish it from a truck going by.


I must have missed the one this morning but the one last night was hard to miss.




Hey, I love it here. It's not Santa Ana!


It could be worse, you could be in LA.



I felt the 11pm one just fine last night in Aliso Viejo. I know that when I lived in Redondo Beach for years that bedrock that Redondo is on made it really hard to feel many of the quakes (especially sub 5's).



Looks back at my 5-30 post - same again. Didn't feel a thing here in Pasadena. But Yorba Linda is on the far side of some hills, so a fairly shallow earthquake there is mostly gonna bounce off and not make it through that strongly in my direction.


7.6 on the Costa Rican coast, looks like very near the beach resort areas around Ocotal and Tamarindo. I've been there several times, there might be some highrise hotels in bad trouble.


I have some friends in Granada (approx. 200 miles north) who said it felt pretty strong up there.


Why the hate for Costa Mesa? It's actually pretty nice, close to beaches, gets plenty of beach breezes so it's never stupid hot like the eastside of california. Centrally located as well, easy to take the 55 or the 405, or even the 73 if you're into toll roads. I use to live in an apt right next to the concert hall (whose name I can't remember), walking distance to South Coast mall.

Heck, even the stuff in Santa Ana that borders Costa Mesa is pretty nice. Granted once you get too deep into Santa Ana, it get's a bit trashy.


Ug, that's less than 40 miles from where I honeymooned last year in the smaller towns of Malpais and Playa Carmen. There aren't high rises further south, but its definitely a poorer part of the country with less infrastructure. I hope for the best for them.


Big earthquake here in New England just now. 4.6 in Maine:


'Definitely the largest earthquake I've ever felt. I'm usually the one going "Feel what?" but this one shook the house in Southern New Hampshire.


We eat 4.6 for breakfast.


Until the inevitable 9.5 eats all of you.