My co-worker in NH felt it pretty good and described it as a good rolling earthquake.

--- Alan


Best facebook page ever:



I wondered what the hell that was - I thought it was a plane breaking the sound barrier lol.

<-- Lives in NH, a long time ago lived in Japan with plenty earthquakes. This earthquake didn't feel anything like those earthquakes :)


I felt it in NH! I thought it was my stupid neighbor slamming the front door downstairs at first, but then it sort of kept rumbling.

I missed the window to throw down lava font and grant area might. (heyoooo)


See - now that's what I would call big! 100,000 times greater than NH "big"! Wimps. ;-)


A 4.5 isn't an earthquake. It's a Magic Fingers motel bed massage.


Well, to be honest, a lot depends on proximity. Having been 1 mile from the epicenter of a 4.something I could see the whole house flex with an uncharacteristically sharp jolt. None of this long rolling waves kind of fun. Put some long cracks into the stucco.


lol yeah I lived in a high-rise apartment complex in Tokyo as a kid, and earthquakes were nothing special.


Whoa, 7.7 off the western coast of Canada, near some obscure island. Minor Tsunami chance.


Hawaii now not taking any chances; evacuations have been called out for the shallow areas. They're same some models are predicting one-meter heights; others 2+ meters. It may get kinda nasty in some places.

--- Alan


Got friends coming over since we live up on the hillside. They have evacuated the leeward coast and supposed to hit at 1030. A little over an hour from now.


Obscure island? You sir have insulted us! Duel by pistols at sundown!

Seriously, though, pretty large island, but not densely populated. Didn't feel a thing here, but I was pretty gassy...


7.3 earthquake some 200+km off the eastern coast of Japan, tsunami warnings issued...

My former roommate, now living in Tokyo, says, "this earthquake is NOT fun! Inside a 33 floor building, just feels like a rocking ship...."

--- Alan


Hopefully nothing comes of it. My sister is evacuating right now.


It was a long one alright. BT I think everything is fine. There were some small, less than one meter, tsunamis but it's pretty much finished.




That was FUN! Wheeeeee! Do it again, SoCal! Do it again!

5.1 several miles inland east from Oceanside/Escondido. Felt it around 100 miles away in El Segundo. Good times!


How bizarre. I did not feel it at all, and I live in Oceanside about 5 miles east of the Pacific.


Have you seen my wallet?


Felt nothing =(

Almost directly west of it on the coast, though that would be further than Oceanside it looks like. Course I have been walking on a treadmill so that would further deaden it.