I was up traveling for work on San Francisco- got an email alert on my phone- called the wife and a guy at work- Redondo Beach…All I got was “Earthquake? Uh no…”


Felt nothing in Pasadena. Just as well - roller coasters make me seasick anyway.


7.3 just hit off Fukushima(!!!)


No tsunami damage expected. Whew. That last one just too horrific for words.


Just felt a couple shocks in quick succession in Oceanside, CA. Not strong, but enough to rattle doors and glassware and to feel the house move a bit.




Did you feel it too, Brian? You’re up in the LA area, right?


You sure it wasn’t a truck driving by? USGS shows all quiet in SoCal.


Yeah, I went there myself right after the shaking. I guess I’m not sure, but I live on a very quiet residential street and I heard no trucks. Odd.


Didn’t feel a thing up here.


Man we didn’t feel any of that 6.9 outside of Eurkea the other day down in the bay. Hell it barely affected Eureka.

— Alan


Nothing except a weed shortage would affect anything in Humbolt County, Eureka included.


Well we had a lovely little 4.4 (downgraded from a 4.7) around Westwood this morning at 6:26 AM. The best reaction? This guy:


Slept through it.

But, damn! I just went bug-eyed looking at that guy’s suit…


I’ve lived in California for 15 years and earthquakes still freak me the fuck out. Like leap-out-of-bed freak out. My kid slept through the earthquake, but not through me yanking him up.


Nice. I was in the midst of getting gas, so that was an awesome feeling. And yeah, 14 years here and they still freak me out too.


If you were sitting under a ton of studio lights and rigging and an Earthquake hit, you’d probably freak out and dive under a desk, too.


Oh yeah, they totally did the right thing.


Watching the clip, I was impressed with how quickly they recovered and said “we’re going to go to the US Geological Survey” and clearly threw out the script for what they had been talking about. It’s easy to make fun of news anchors, particularly morning anchors, because so much of what they do is fluff. It’s telling, however, when they have to go off script and they do a competent job, which is what I think those folks did. Bravo to the KTLA folks.

I wonder if getting used to earthquakes is a “grow up with them” phenomenon. I grew up in LA county, and earthquakes have never struck me as a big deal. When we had a quake out here on the east coast a few years ago, people were totally freaking out – my reaction was “huh, that didn’t feel very strong” (although they certainly don’t build to the same standards out here, meaning the quake did an inordinate amount of damage).


Too true, Aleck, I really liked watching them switch modes like that.