Lone Pine is along the 395, south of Bishop. It's a long way from the San Andreas.


Yup, these still wake me up and freak me the fuck out.


Oh hmm which town was I thinking of. Crap. Can't find it. But you're right that makes no sense.

Checking the wiki entry, as it turns out the town was destroyed by an earthquake in the 19th century.

And there's rumors of a Mountain Devil! Now I need to go back.

--- Alan


Vin Scully's play-by-play of the earthquake from the Dodgers game last night is pretty good. About as calm and collected as could be (you can also hear the reaction of the crowd).

--- Alan


I have driven through Lone Pine a number of times over the years (Mammoth, back way into Yosemite) - it is indeed the site of a huge earthquake in the 1870s (they have signs attesting to it, which is how I know).


The whole eastern side of the Sierra's is pretty active seismically, from Ridgecrest in the south past Mono Lake in the north. Quakes, volcanism, all sorts of interesting stuff that I've explored on foot and via the web. But it's not part of the San Andreas fault system.


Are you thinking of Parkfield? I think that's the epicenter of San Andreas studies -- pardon the pun.


Yeah I've driven through it once. Have always been curious what 395 is like in the winter through that area.

Aleck--think you're right, Parkfield sounds familiar.

--- Alan


Lived down here in SoCol for about 3 years now with only minor shakes. The shaker on Friday was the biggest I've felt. At first it felt like one of the ones we usually get (feels like a truck rolling past), but when it kept going and getting stronger, we took the party to the doorway to wait it out. Felt like it lasted a full minute, but reports were saying 15 - 20 second. Amazing how much longer things feel when you're freaking out a little on the inside. :)

We're around 25 miles away from La Habra, so all we got was rolling and shifting.


Ready more here http://www.ready.gov/earthquakes but otherwise just get under a table or desk if one is close by.

Basically you want to limit your movement as much as possible while protecting yourself from falling objects.

My wife's initial reaction is always to bolt outdoors so I usually have to grab her then start calming her down. She was in a bad earthquake up in Washington where as I have only had 15+ years of mild to medium ones.

We felt the La Habra quake as a nice series of jolts but nothing major and we didn't feel any of the numerous follow ups.


Reuters reports an 8.0 off the coast of Chile, tsunami warning issued. I presume this is not an April Fool's joke.

Edit in: USGS reports same.

Edit in again: Now upgraded to an 8.2.


Damn, 8.0 is serious business. It looks like it was centered right where Chile, Peru and Bolivia meet. Hope it's not too close to major population centers.




Nice big earthquake just now. 6.0 in the north bay. The house was a-creaking enough to wake me up.


Oh man, that was a good one. Woke me up good. A good rumble, woke up when it was strong and it lasted for a good 10-15 seconds after. Didn’t seem like a jolt like all the previous ones I’ve felt here. That was… interesting. Best way to describe it would be a good roll of thunder that just kept rumbling.

— Alan


It rolled on for a good little while. It’s hard to judge in the moment, but the hanging lamps were swinging pretty good by the end of it.

Definitely not a jolt, though…more of a roller. USGS says it was centered up by Napa/American Canyon.


In Sac but didn’t feel despite being awake from insomnia although it explains why the dog got out of bed and started to pace the hallway.


Fairly strong quake from CNN reports, with a few structures on fire and some minor to moderate damage near the epicenter. Still not the great quake California is overdue for, though, which I am dreading.


Not the first quake I’ve slept right through.


First quake and I’m out of town. Having the pet sitter swing by the house to check on the kitties and assess damage.