It could. Or it could mean tsunami.


I think the waves are forecast to hit SoCal around 4:30 am. No deluge of land is expected, but beaches and marinas are to be avoided at that time. Kind of curious to see how this turns out.


Doesn’t look like anything happened here at the Redondo Beach pier this morning.


4.3 quake out near San Bernardino that just shook our place near Torrance - 60 miles away!


We had a 4.8 last night about 24km north of here. Shook the apartment up pretty good.


ICheck out this earthquake: https://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/eventpage/us2000ahv0

Explore this earthquake and learn more about past earthquakes by using the MyQuake app built by the UC Berkeley Seismological Laboratory. http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id647175823

Bah it’s not loading correctly. 8.0 off of lower Mexico on Pacific side off shore. All we need now are dogs and cats living together.

@ArmandoPenblade you have family in Guatemala right?


Yeah, tons. Haven’t heard anything from mom yet about it putting anyone in danger, but it’s pretty early yet :-(


Another earthquake in Mexico, this time in Mexico City. 7.1, and 32 years to the day when they were hit with an 8.0.

Death toll at 42 so far, and will very likely be a lot higher.


Is that building that falls down in the 2nd video the same one as in the third video?


I’m still sticking with hurricanes.


Yeah, at least Hurricanes give you weeks of warning.


Death toll currently at 217.


Jesus…those buildings swaying. I thought for sure the brick one was going to collapse as all those people were pouring out of it. I was so relieved when the person filming stayed with it until the quake had passed and the building remained standing.

Obviously anyone in the buildings in the other two videos were not as lucky. I hope there were few if any people in them. My heart goes out to all the people in Mexico affected by these quakes, and all the people in PR and the islands affected by the hurricanes, and of course all the people here in the U.S. affected by Harvey and Irma. I can’t remember a month in which so much natural disaster seemed to happen all at once.


Turns out a dramatic story of a trapped girl “wiggling her fingers” trapped under rubble followed hopefully by millions was a giant hoax.


One fortunate thing related to the earthquake in Mexico is that they had just had an earthquake drill that morning. Everyone had just practiced what to do when the alarms sounded. It probably saved quite a number of lives.


Was it an actual drill? I know they were commemorating the anniversary of another huge quake and had sounded the sirens for that.


According to the story on NPR last night, there were drills. I don’t find the exact interview on their site, but here are a couple of other stories they did that mention it.


That 1985 quake took thousands of lives and shattered cities, including Mexico City, wreaking such destruction that the country continues to mark its anniversary with simulated-quake drills.

In fact, as Emily Green reports for NPR, not two hours before Tuesday’s temblor hit, sirens blared in cities across the country to commemorate the deadly event and prompt residents to practice evacuation drills.

Shortly after those residents returned to their buildings, they felt those same buildings rattle.


CHANG: So when exactly today did this quake hit?

ALTHAUS: It hit about 1:15 in the afternoon, a little more than two hours after Mexico City had an earthquake drill which commemorated the 32nd anniversary…

CHANG: Oh, wow.

ALTHAUS: …Of the devastating 1985 earthquake, which killed about 6,000 people, at least, in the capital.


Cool, thanks.


I didn’t realize this until my son did a report on Mexico last year, but Mexico City sits on a lakebed and is sinking at 7-9 inches per year. I found this number to be astonishing and wonder how anything is still standing at all. I guess it depends upon whether the surrounding ground all sinks at the same rate.

Earthquakes just exacerbate the situation and is why Mexico City is so prone to big damage during earthquakes.


I think it may have been in that same NPR interview Shimarenda mentioned or maybe something else on there but in addition to the annual sinking they said since it’s all built on silt in a lake basin during and earthquake the damage is made even worse because it acts like jello in a bowl.