Yet another earthquake in Mexico. 6.1 this morning centered in Oaxaca.



I have only been through a minor earthquake in the Mid West, but yeah it felt exactly like Jello.


4.4 in Delaware. Wait… what???

I wonder if the carnage will be like Virginia?


Here in nearby Phillyville, I felt it. I thought my washing machine had gone bonkers. Never occurred to me it was an earthquake, but that was my wife’s guess.

Edit, here you go:


West Coasters, stay safe.


Initially, the USGS said the earthquake was a magnitude 8.2. That prompted the tsunami warning for coastal Alaska and Canada’s British Columbia, while the remainder of the U.S. West Coast was under a watch.
More on earthquakes

An advisory remained in effect for a small part of the state. Watches were canceled for Washington, Oregon, California and Hawaii. Officials in Japan also said there was no tsunami threat there.


5.3 off the coast of Oxnard, CA. Was felt all over SoCal. I totally felt the rolling.



Bah, I was out of town. My son still hasn’t felt an earth quake so he was super disappointed.


Didn’t feel a thing at our place but I was doing laundry.


Would volcanoes fit in this thread? Too bad, because they are spewing forth at your feet!

Hope our Hawaiian QT3ers are doing well. I hear that the islands that aren’t the Big Island are not even noticing. How long will this eruption be erupting?


Hopefully, the eruptions are not too widespread.

As far as earthquakes are concerned, I’m still waiting for a repeat of this one:


Okay, I thought a repeat of the 1811 quake was considered a once-in-a-200-year thing. But, reading the article I linked to, I guess it doesn’t happen that often.


There is a guy… walking… toward the molten lava spewing from the road. Is his brain broken?


Yeah, really. Didn’t the guy learn as a child not to fall into the hot lava!


Truth be told, a volcano looks an awful lot like a locorice fountain event.


You don’t even fall into it. Molten rock is much denser than the human body. You fall onto it. Then as the liquid in your body instantly flashes to superheated steam, you essentially explode. Do not walk toward lava. Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball.