Early Fall Battletech Tournament


That is sound reasoning. I prefer the Merc level. Make two Lance’s for the tournament and go from there, but I can see how that could be stressful with builds like the sleepy sniper in the game.


Yeah, I’m not that confident that the game mechanics don’t fall apart once you’re allowed to fully customize your mechs. I think using the default mechs would add class and charm to what would otherwise be an exercise in min-maxing.


Vote Peasant.

Casual Player 1 “Oh, hey this looks awesome! I made this custom mech that i call the Shining Blade because, you see, it has both melee capacity with a small laser AND MG but it also has a long range punch with the…”

Pro Player 1 moves first.
Pro Player 1 firing.

Casual Player 1 “HOW MANY LRM DO YOU HAVE”


Casual Player 1: -_-

Pro Player 1: kekeke gg!


Yes, I’d have a go, but I like to do the best I can with the tools that are provided. So Peasant format for me too.


I understand the reasoning behind the Peasant format preference, but to my mind, mech design is an essential aspect of MechWarrior/Battletech games. Also, the recent-ish patch did a pretty good job of evening out the balance such that ML/SRM spam is no longer so ridiculous. I can now see roles for most weapons and most loadout concepts.

My preference is Mercenary, but I would play Peasant if that is the majority choice. But come on, folks, you know you want to design some mechs! Or do you fear my mighty min-max abilities? Wimps!


Also, if we do this World Cup style, the tournament has to be called the Periphery Cup.


Come on people! We can build mechs. Awesome Mechs!


Bummed that I won’t be able to participate this time around – Looking forward to cheering everyone on!


Well, we could try to move it a bit earlier.


Man, you all love your standard Mechs!

I was going to have so much fun with the Mercenary Level, where everyone must put together their lance and pilots, and every couple of rounds, you could update you mechs.

The best laid plans. I do understand wanting to shy away from the max min of custom mechs, and even standard mechs MP can be a lot of fun.


While I love customizing mechs, I just wanted to get a feel for this tournament thing first. The next time could certainly be Mercenary Level.


If there’s sufficient interest, I suppose we could always do a Mercenary format tournament after the Peasant format tourney.


Sure. I like completeness. After being humiliated in stock mechs, I would love to be humiliated in mechs I design myself. :)


I’m ok with picking our Lance and see if we can win


This is how I feel too. I’m in for any tournament!


I’m going to go with the one with the most votes, so it looks like Peasant Tournament so far.

Format idea so far - Everyone will be in one of 4 groups and you will play everyone in each group. If we can get 16 players, that will be 3 games each.

The top two of every group will advance. Victory will be determined by the number of wins, but any ties will be resolved by the number of surviving mechs.

In the second round will be elimination, where every 1st place spot will go up against a 2nd place spot of competing group. That should bring it from 8 players to 4 players. Another game will be played, bringing it down to 2 players, were the top two will play for 1st and 2nd, and the both 2 will play for 3rd and 4th.

In the end, everyone will play 3 games, the top 8 players will play at least 5 games, the top 4 will play 6 games.

I think that roughly follows the World Cup format.


I fired up Battletech and tried setting up a lance using stock mechs and I just couldn’t do it. The stock mechs are so inefficient and just don’t suit my playstyle. I tried, but man, I am too min/max OCD to do it.

So I’m out on the Peasant tournament. If we have a Mercenary Tournament, I’ll join.


Oh, I only just realised the peasant format is creating a lance using any stock mechs. I thought we were going to go uber-peasant and only pick from stock lances!


Maybe Harebrained Schemes will create a multiplayer version of their game in the future? Not sure if enough demand for such a game exists, though. (Outside of certain discussion forums I mean.)


For a real Battletech experience everyone should let me pick all the lances. I will be handing out Vindicators, Blackjacks, and Commandos like mad.