Early Friday evening Age III

I posted in the old folks’ RTS thread, but if anyone’s interested in a friendly Age III game, jump onto Ensemble Online at 5pm Pacific time. Game name will be ‘qt3’ and the password will be ‘qt3’.


I’m playing Poker tonight so I won’t be able to make it, but I really want to play this with some folks from here. Hopefully I can catch up with some of you soon. Grimrod is my ESO ID.


I’ve signed up on ESO as “TheSelfishGene”. I’ll try to be there before 7pm central for a minute or two, but i’ll be out from at least 6:30pm to 8:30pm or longer. I’ll be on sometime after that.

I’m down for some AOE3 action… :twisted:

Cool! Not sure if I’ll be free from the kids at that point but I’ll try and poke my head in…

Dang, can’t play today (working till 6) but I’d be up for playing sometime this weekend. Weee. I’ll suck, though–just getting started :)

Tom and I eventually got a game going, but boy is ESO a pain this week. Server overload, failures to connect…


Yeah, they are definitely working out some kinks in the system now that we’re getting real live people hitting the servers. They’re burning the midnight oil trying to fix this problem, as you might expect… unlike AOM, where ongoing support for ESO was just poached from the expansion team we have actual fulltime devs on ESO2, thankfully.

At least I’m not the only one in the clan anymore though! You guys that are Officers should be able to invite others…