Early review of Unreal II is not exactly positive


“Pretty graphics aside, there are portions of Unreal II that could easily be mistaken for other sci-fi shooters like Red Faction, C&C: Renegade, Halo, Serious Sam, Elite Force, or even Quake 2; only at the very end of the game do things turn around.”

My desire for Unreal II just dropped completely off the map.

IGN gave it an 8.2 score, which is actually suprisingly low for them. They basically said the same thing: it’s a solid shooter with pretty graphics but gets rather dull and offers nothing unique over the other FPS games released.

Still, I’m in the mood for single player FPS romp and I’m sure it will fit that need.

Yeah, this is disappointing. I still want drool-worthy graphics, but maybe not so much that I’ll fork over $50. I’ll wait and see how the other reviews pan out, and whether my lower or upper brain is in charge on the day the game comes out…

And only 10 hours of gameplay, they say. I want more in an SP shooter. Maybe not the 450 hours of Unreal I, but more.

“The food here is terrible!”
“Yeah, and such small portions!”

10 hours of gameplay? Ok… and this is worth $50?

Oh… and don’t worry guys. I’m sure PC gamer will score the game at 92%. I bet that when I get my new issue of PC gamer Unreal 2 is going to have a high score.

The 10 hours of gameplay is just a rumor, right? They didn’t create a single player only game with mediocre play (if the current reviews can be believed) and only 10 hours…did they?

I shudder to think.

I finished it last night. Took me about 9 hours on normal (though I switched to easy for one brief section after I accidently quicksaved with about 4 life left). It’s definitely an old school shooter powered by new school technology but with old school art direction and junior high school plot and dialog. The gameplay is much more reminiscent of Quake 2 than Serious Sam 2. It has its moments and it’s certainly not painful to play, but I was constantly reminded of how much better Halo presented essentially the same material.

Nine hours of gameplay? No wonder they don’t want to do a demo. They’d give away half the game!

Urge to buy… fading… fading… RISING… fading.


Hey you guys should go on the Unreal 2 forums. Many people have allready warezed the game. And with 10 hours of gameplay, I think they might have made the right choice.

Of course I would never do that…


This could be the new reality of first person action. What’s the biggest complaint about Halo? Everything looks the same after awhile. Well, consider that by making a lot of the game look the same, they were also able to extend the length because it cost them less in time and resources to make levels with the same textures and maybe even some of the same geometry.

When you get to the graphics that appear in something like Unreal II, it’s going to take a lot of man years to create a wealth of content, and more importantly different looking content, to fill up twenty hours of gameplay. Maybe they should’ve kept rudimentary mutliplayer…or maybe Infogrames/Epic should’ve sold Unreal II with the multiplayer component from Unreal Tournament 2003? Well, it would’ve been nice, but even with mediocre reviews and short gameplay, Unreal II will probably sell in large enough numbers.

It’s going to take serious manpower to make lengthy games with current and upcoming hardware. Either that or the games are going to get shorter and have less features…like this one.


Maybe the devs are counting on the editor to charm buyers into shelling out $50? I’m sure there will be mods a-plenty.

Even if I were hot for this title, I’d wait until the fall when I get my new ass-kickin’ rig. If eye candy is all it has, then I want it all baby.

Ooh! Ooh! Annie Hall!

How many single player mods have you played and really liked? As for me…none. I’ve played some good MP ones, but I have yet to see a quality SP mod, so I don’t know about this theory.

Not quite a theory… I’m really hoping this isn’t their thought process. :) I’m not an Unreal fanboi, but I did hope they would pick up the Halflife baton and run with it.

Guess not.

I like good sp mods. There were a bunch of them for myth II (lego vs star wars comes to mind). Half Life had quite a few of them. They are out shadowed by the mp mods ofcourse. However I don’t think any FPS since half life has an active sp mod community. Max Payne, a 3d person shooter, had a few good ones.

How many single player mods have you played and really liked? As for me…none. I’ve played some good MP ones, but I have yet to see a quality SP mod, so I don’t know about this theory.

The Thief series has several hundred fan made missions available, some of them even better than the original game missions with numerous custom made models, artwork, sounds, scripts etc.

Neverwinter Nights is another game with tons of fun single player mods.

I will grant though that coming up with new and interesting missions is probably harder for a standard FPS like Unreal 2 than Thief which lends itself very well to seperate missions with no story relation. But I think there are people out there just waiting for a chance to create their own Quake 2 or Unreal.

Heck, some guys created an entire Unreal expansion pack using Unreal Tournament and it was easily as good as the original Unreal 1 itself. And the Thievery mod for Unreal Tournament has a fantastic single player mode that basically recreates the Thief series gameplay.

Woah, and how can I forget the many enjoyable single player mods for Half Life?! I highly recommend the They Hunger series.

Of course people have always been creating single player maps and mods for the Doom and Quake series too… So I wouldn’t be surprised to see a lot done with Unreal 2.

I think I’m still going to get this game. I enjoyed the first one and now I have the hardware to play this one properly.

And what about They Hunger? A single player mod from Half Life that kicked ass. And Dues Ex has some good single player mods that re worth downloading.