Earth 2 (circa 1994) Netflix

Just finished watching the series opener on netflix. I recall watching this show when it launched in 1994 … This is an amazing series… I would drool over thenext episode…wondering what will happen to certain characters.

I think this show is up there with firefly… Anyone else agree or disagree?

It’s no Firefly, but it was a fun show. I loved a bunch of those 90’s sci fi shows. This and SeaQuest DSV were regular Sunday night viewing if I recall correctly.

Wasn’t there a 90s Journey to the Center of the Earth show?

I was annoyed that the show had this premise of a group of people leaving Earth to go to an empty alien world yet it felt like every week they met a new person from earth who was there also. And it’s nothing near as funny or quotable as Firefly.

The main thing I can say about it is that it was better than Sequest DSV, which is also on Netflix. I started watching it out of nostalgia and it’s godawful.

The doctors were great hubba-hubba material on DSV.

Feh, the first season of SeaQuest was freaking great, THEN it started getting awful. :P

Maybe? There was a lot crap sci-fi in the 90s. Off the top of my head I can think of:

Mutant X
Knight Rider 2000
Night Man
Time Trax (I actually loved this one for some stupid reason)

Oh lordy lord…

I remember there being a movie/back door pilot, but I don’t think it went to series.

There was a short lived 90s sci-fi series I can’t remember the name of I’ve always wanted to go back and look at. I think it was about space cops of some sort and the thing that sticks out most in my mind is they had guns with built in flashlights.

It must have been my boyhood crush on Faustiano then ( the brunette mom lead character on earth 2) … She is light years hotter than the mom in the tv series the terminator and now on game of thrones…

I think that was Space Rangers. I remember the flashlights and Linda Hunt was in it.

There was another TV movie that never went to series from around that time. Morgan Fairchild was in it until she was killed off, then a callow class of cadets had to stop space pirates from invading a planet. Anyone remember that one? I remember the second half was much better than the first, which was loaded with Sci-Fi cliches and possibly even a cute robot.

I really disliked Earth 2. The main reason was because they made almost no effort to differnetiate it from where they were filming it. Sure, they’d throw in a different moon in some shots and the occasional “native” wildlife, but otherwise it wasn’t very alien like at all.

The second reason was because they made a big deal about how the writers had never written sci-fi before and didn’t know much about it, which was supposed to mean they would have “fresh ideas.” Instead it seemed like cliches of everything already done in sci-fi.

There was an awesome Journey to the Center of the Earth cartoon in the 70s, starring some dumb scientist and his assistants, their guide Sven, and Sven’s pet duck Gertrude.

I remember them picking on Earth 2 in an X-Files episode. Otherwise the show was pretty forgettable.

I liked Earth 2, and loved Space: Above and Beyond! So many great shows gone down the drain…

If you liked Earth 2, I’d recommend checking out Outcasts. It’s available on Netflix Watch Instantly.

Space: Above and Beyond is obviously THE show.

Yeah, Outcasts reminded me a lot of Earth 2.

That looks right. There’s a post on IMDB from a couple years ago saying it was on Netflix Instant, but it seems to be gone now…

Oh Space Above and Beyond, such a wonderful show. I totally need to do a rewatch.

Do you have the limited edition DVD set with Babylon 5 in one of the menus?

Would it kill you to know the creators of Space: Above and Beyond had saved 16x9 masters with 5.1 audio and a ton of behind the scenes footage, but Fox Home Video never even bothered to notify them a DVD set was being produced?


I’m sorry, but any show that consistantly puts Lexa Doig in space hooker outfits gets a pass from me. She made Andromeda worth watching.

Also, total agreement that Space : Above and Beyond was awesome. I bought the box set in a fit of nostalgia a couple years back, and my 11-year-old (at that time) son watched every episode on a trip to Florida (13 hour drive) and was totally engrossed. He was extremely disappointed to learn there was no Season Two.