Earth & Beyond

Anyone checking it out? I’m on the Galileo Server… if anyone else is there, send me a tell. My character’s name is Deimos.

I’m on the Pegasus server, look for a Jenquai Defender named Magensha.

  • Balut

I have heard an awful lot of negative comments on this game so far. Can you guys give your opinion?

Yeah, me too. Apparently two reviews have showed and each one gave it high scores, and editors choice award etc. Leaving the Beta testers to wonder if the reviewers were playing the same game they were less than two weeks ago. I smell a fiasco in the making. :D :D :D


I’m on the Orion server, as Elyria, Captain of the East of Eden (Jenquai Defender), mostly. Feel free to give me a shout. So far, E&B is not an action-packed thrill-ride, but a very comfortable, easy-to-play game. A Defender is like a reverse-sniper: I sneak up on enemies, teleport them out of their groups to right next to me, then pound on them with my critical shot bonuses and hope they die before my weak ship buckles. The scripted missions are pretty entertaining. No revolution, but it’s amazing how even a bit of clever writing can dress up a fed ex quest. No problems with lag or crashing, so far.

No pvp. What seems like hardly any real RP or character interaction. A really stupid story… I don’t get it, what could possibly be fun about this game?

It’s like someone took Descent, gave it a graphics update, and then hired Remedy to do the storytelling and gameplay. Sure, their English is better this time around, but guess what? They still can’t write worth shit! etc.