Earth Defense Force 4.1 & 5 - "The EDF deeeploys!", now with more mission repetition!


I tended to go back and complete the hardest level i could on inferno to get some crazy powerful weapons. There’s a beach level… 14? When you fight some airborne ships and then walkers come in from the sea, but this got me enough firepower to complete the game on normal/hard.


Arise thread!

I just got this over the Steam sale an am LOVING it. We did a long stream, and had so much fun we’re gonna do a monthly stream of it. I’ve been farming some missions as a wing diver and am just having so much fun. Four-player co-op was just a delight.


Aw, man, that sounds awesome. I’ve only ever done 2-player.


Yay, another convert. I played a couple more hours after Tom’s stream, but I’m going to wait for 5 at this stage.


It is SO fun. The only downside, while using a pad, was that clicking the left stick brought up the shout radial menu ALL THE TIME. I only learned after the stream how to fix that. Now I’m having a BLAST. We’re streaming again next Thursday, and I can’t wait. Been farming missions to get gear, and the weapons in this game are great.

My podcast co-host said 5 might not come to the west, any word on that?


Yeah, I inadvertently click L3/R3 all the time, especially when under duress.

D3 announced EDF5 in April


I used to click the thumbsticks in accidentally all the time, especially with the 360 controller, but I’ve found that the Xbox One joystick helps, I hardly ever push them in accidentally anymore. Not sure what design change happened there, but it works for me.


Hmmmmm, I’ve had no compulsion to buy an Xbox one controller…until now…


Ah yes, apparently it’ll be coming to PS4, no word on PC.


I hadn’t read much about 5 until now, but sounds like there are some nice new features.


Welp, because of your comment, I took a chance and purchased an Xbox One controller.

Wow, as much as I love the 360 controller, this one is far, far better, ESPECIALLY the D-Pad, but yes, it takes a LOT more effort to click down on the sticks when they’re not centered, which is a boon in this game.

So thank you! :)


Cool! I too much prefer the Xbox One controller, though it took a little getting used to for me. I found the sticks were a little looser but I’ve come to appreciate that.


I’d say they move more…smoothly than the 360 sticks.


Posted elsewhere but thought I’d mention that the pre-updated version of EDF 4.1 is EDF 2025. It is now backward compatible on Xbox One, although the game is $50 + $21 of DLC digitally - and has never gone on sale.

For the committed EDF and Xbox fan only I guess.


One week to go for EDF 5 in the West.


But not on PC. :(


I mentioned that to my son a couple of days ago and he has no enthusiasm for it at all :(


I can only assume you’ve done a terrible job of parenting.


I know, right? I’d thought we might play some over the holidays when he will be home. Though, tbh, I’m kind of a pain to play with because I insist on running around grabbing all the drops.


It’s worth playing EDF just to listen to the stuff your squad mates say.

“We’re going on an adventure!”
“Oh no! I forgot the bullets!”
“Hey, you should get a girlfriend!”