Earth Defense Force 4.1 & 5 - "The EDF deeeploys!", now with more mission repetition!


Personally I don’t care about getting credit for it. It unlocks the next level, that’s all that matters to me.The game is about pushing as high as you can go on as hard a difficulty as you can. Who cares about Easy?


I decided to try to master Air Raider in this installment, and so far it’s been a blast. The turrets and airstrikes are a lot of fun, and new vehicles are pretty much the most exciting unlock across all classes. I’m only about 15 levels in, but the spiderbot is the best vehicle so far. It’s relatively agile and has a selection of decent weapons that come with a fair amount of ammo, unlike the robot suits and tanks, which all seem to be clunky, lumbering deathtraps so far. I’m playing co-op with my 8 year old, so I’m not sure how viable Air Raider is for soloing.


Does the healing station heal turrets? Kept waiting for the guy I was watching to try that, or try deploying the EM bunker in front of them


I’m not really sure if they even take damage. I kinda think they disappear when they run out of ammo. But I’m not positive about that.


More pros:

You keep the weapons you pick up even if you don’t finish the mission. This is huge.

True locational damage, at least for the frog dudes.


I believe you keep a portion, and the size of the portion is based on difficulty level, but yeah, nice change.


“We don’t accept immigrants on this planet”



Looks like there was some online discussion about this a couple years ago when lines like this were first heard. Would definitely make me feel less horrible when I accidentally wipe out a bunch of my teammates though.


Up to level 68 now. For something I was expecting to be a minor update to EDF 4.1, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the amount and quality of new enemies. It’s all relative of course, but it seems like more changes than previous iterations. And that’s on top of the improved models for the flying units (though not the unchanged ground units, for some reason). Also they’re really leaning into the “EDF/Humans are the real baddies” thing, even more than usual, in an amusingly on the nose way.


It’s strangely endearing how concerned HQ is with letting you know what things will be known as from now on.


Any dragons in this one? They were great in the previous

Designer: “We want dragons, has anyone seen Reign Of Dragons? Like that”
Hard of hearing developer: “You want it to rain dragons? Sure!”


No dragons yet, but some things that are functionally equivalent to dragons but look more like flying frogs.


Speaking of frogs, their presence leads to some of my favourite nonsensical dialogue from the game.

“They look like they should be afraid of water, but they’re not!”

No they don’t, they look like frogs. They look like they should love water. It completely baffled me until Giant Bomb pointed out it’s probably a weird reference to Signs.


I love how the EDF guys go on and on about how much the 40 foot tall space frogs look just like people. Yesterday, one of them was screaming “I can’t kill them - THEY’RE TOO MUCH LIKE US!”


Oh man, you guys are making me want this. Maybe it will get a good price in the steam sale.


PS4 only.


Are we not talking about EDF 4.1?


Not since about a week ago.


Oh well, I still haven’t played 4.1 yet anyway.


4.1 is great. I played it on the 360 then bought the PC version too