Earth Defense Force 4.1 & 5 - "The EDF deeeploys!", now with more mission repetition!


4.1 is so much fun dude, get it anyway.


still playing 4.1 … The point for me is to play a couple of missions on normal and then to go back and play them on hard. Some missions require lots of testing until I can do it… There was one mission which was impossible with the ranger and pretty easy for my wing diver.

I bought it on steam, too for multiplayer. not sure if I like playing with randos


Question: can you play co-op across two consoles with game sharing?


GiantBomb streaming EDF 5 now.


Is this worth it to play solo? I could play local coop with my son but he usually doesn’t like this type of game.


Sure, ive only ever played the last few iterations solo. Never had the opportunity to play the support class though.


You can absolutely solo with air raider in EDF 5. He’s ridiculously strong.


I’ve had a pretty rough start as a wing diver in 5. I’ve been playing in Online mode so I don’t have to start over when a few friends join in. I was pretty competent at 4.1 but couldn’t get past mission 5 in this new one without swapping to Easy for it. I’m on mission 13 or 14 now & had to switch to Easy for one other mission also. I like being able to build up your guns a bit, and the ability to find weapons for other classes too.


I havent tried it in 5 and remember not getting anywhere it in previous versions. 2017 was the one i played most back in my bachelor days and used to farm harder levels using turrets (and basically afk it browsing the net). I wonder if I can do the same again.


My routine with this game is to join a mission on hard, setup my character to what I think will give me more survaility / destruction power, then watch some serie in netflix to wait till the people return from the current mission so I can join on the next. Is more miss than hit, but when It works you get into some epic battles.

My favorite class is airraider, that I load with all the nukes available. I love to make the crazy lady from the sky spout lines like “the creator of this weapon must be a genius”, or “this weapon can kill everything, including gods”, or “hahahahahah” (maniacal laughter). Then depending on the mission I pick a mech, or the apc. The apc is great for mobility and picking weapons crates.

I think all classes are good and probably fencer is the one with more potential.


Yeah, wing diver is a lot tougher in 5 it seems from what little I played of it (I’m 90% ranger so far), though I suspect when you get the right drops it will be a great class. There are many missions where mobility is a huge help. I just don’t really like the charge mechanic so many of the new wing diver weapons have.


Not a huge fan of that mechanic either but I’m learning to deal with it. It works well when you have a huge mass of charging ants though. Can charge a full load on the pulse MG and hold it, then let your energy recharge so you’re ready to fly away as soon as you run out. Way too many gimmicky weapons that aren’t really useful though, but 4.1 was full of them also.


OK, thanks! I should probably unmute a thread I post a question in so I can see the answers. I was wondering where the thread went. :-)