Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon announced

Coming out in spring 2011 for both the Xbox360 and PS3. Will have online co-op (can’t find any info about whether or not split-screen is still supported). It’s being made by Vicious Cycle instead of Sandlot. Not sure what to expect, but the video has me excited.


They’d better not fuck this up by giving it, like, good voice acting or a plot or anything. Or try to make the buildings pretty at the cost of making them not blow up at the slightest provocation.

Cautiously optimistic

The developer change has me a little worried.

Ouch Vicious Circle made Matt Hazard… Boy did that game suck… It wasn’t totally unplayable, but was one of the blandest game I ever played (for a couple of hours before I remembered I had other things to play…)

Make it PSN and 20$, and I will be there day and date.

EDF 2017 was great, although I never managed to beat it on the final two difficulties. Just too hard.

This is my big worry. EDF was a barely competent videogame, by today’s full-price standards, but it won you over with its sheer charm. What I want is that charm again, with the technological improvements that come to the team through the practice of having done it once already.

There are a few levels I wasn’t able to beat on the hardest difficulty but I farmed quite a bit to get better weapons. Never tried co-op though and I read that makes the toughest ones a little easier.

I’m awaiting the dude who holds the awesome forum name ‘our insect overlords’ to post here asap.

Maybe we should be more welcoming to him.

I, for one, really look forward to a new EDF game.


EDF2017 was my most played 360 game for ages, as it was the game of choice when I had a mate round for curry and videogames.

I’m kind of sad that it isn’t Sandlot doing this. Their latest Wii game, which was basically Norse Defense Force, was pretty much an improved and more interesting version of EDF and actually had pretty good online play… on the damn Wii! Vicious Cycle is a bit more of an unknown quantity when it comes to this kinda stuff.

I’d love for it to be good though.

The latest screens are not encouraging

Those are really awful screens and I almost felt bad posting them. The short gameplay videos aren’t much better. I can only hope that sometime between now and next spring, they manage to raise their bug count by a factor of at least ten.


Based on the enemy count in those shots, I proactively submit the term “Earth Defense Farce” for consideration.

The sense of scale seems off. Also there’s a lack of shiny or the robots and ships.

Here’s some video.


Did the first game have one?

Earth Defense Force 2017 was the third game in the series. It did not have a jetpack. Earth Defense Force 2 did have a jetpack.