Earthquake in LA

Don’t know where or the epicenter but it just hit. Went on for about 40 seconds or so. Anyone have anymore info?

Hey! I was just about to start a thread, “Hey, anybody else in San Diego feel that fucker?”

Fun one!

Just felt it here in Irvine. Grabbed my plasma so it didn’t fall over, you know, instead of running to safety.

Haven’t felt one like that since I have been here, 10+ years.



Thanks for that link. 5.8 shouldn’t represent too much damage. Let’s hope. Actually it looks like it’s centered in Chino Hills, just where Marcus used to live, and I used to live there too.

Baby aftershock!

I don’t think there will be much if any damage. 5.8 is enough to get your attention probably, but not much more?

I felt it pretty strongly in San Diego (Carmel Valley area) given how far away it was. My girlfriend lives in Torrance and I haven’t been able to reach her due to the cell phone network being a piece of shit whenever some event occurs. Hopefully everything is fine up there.

My SO ran straight out the door with out a word. Course she has been in a 7.9, far more than anything I have experienced.

It was pretty short. I’d be surprised if there was any damage.

Felt a good rolling sensation in Thousand Oaks, CA for about 10-15 seconds.

Earth stable in Atlanta!

QT3 servers are still up (where ever they are located). That’s all that matters.

Cell phone networks really suck for emergencies. They aren’t designed to handle all calls for that 0.01% case. Hopefully technology improves bandwidth usage enough that it will be as reliable as plain old telephone service, at least.

Lots of sirens to be heard, but I think it’s probably just car accidents caused by the rolling motion. Can cause cars to hop strangely if they’re in motion. A 5.8 is on the border of scary, but really most of California is built to withstand it.

5.8 feel like a gentle sway, I was around for the 7.8 north ridge one, and that one didn’t even wake me up.

Apparently it’s already been downgraded to 5.4. I watched about 15 minutes of cable news coverage, and of course they are treating it with wall to wall coverage. However, all they can do is resort to eyewitness accounts of how things almost fell off shelves and the like. Oh, and I think they found a broken water main somewhere.

How severe do they have to be before someone breaks out Tool lyrics?

Half a cup of powdered sugar
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My first thought was that it was diarrhea.

Woo glad I moved!