Earthquake in Maryland

I thought I was going crazy. Still shaking.

Just felt it here. 49 floors up (in Ohio) isn’t the place to feel an earthquake. Yikes.

Boston too. Our building just shook for a good ten seconds. I’m on the 6th floor.

Damm, I felt it in upstate NY.

Just reading about it now, it was centered in Virginia. Looks pretty big.

Okay, are earthquakes normally felt in Ohio, Boston, and Washington DC? That kind of range? 'Cause that sounds like less of an earthquake and more of a meteor-that-killed-the-dinosaurs thing.

We felt it here in North Carolina, and we are miles and miles from the border of Virginia. WTF is happening today.

Felt it in North Carolina as well.

I love how twitter goes nuts when this stuff happens.

I’m in a bigger building that has pilings down into the bedrock, I know that has a lot to do with feeling it. A person standing on the ground here wouldn’t, but you do up here.

Didn’t feel it in Charlotte.

5.8, centered in Richmond, Virginia. I’ve been in my car so I don’t know if I would have felt it down here or not.

Nothing on the earthquake monitors yet, though Colorado did get a 5.5 4.9km deep about 12 hours ago.

CNN says 5.8, which is pretty big for an area that doesn’t normally get them.

Philadelphia set to jiggling a few minutes ago!

I’m in Northern Virginia, and it felt pretty strong to me. But I’m not experienced in such things, I’ve never been in one before.

Hope Athryn and other Virgineers are ok.

I’m in Northern VA and we definitely felt it. I also work in a basement, so everyone hightailed it out after about 30 seconds. Have not seen any damage to anything, except for the whiteboard marker which fell onto the floor in my office.

Not in Boston. I only ever know of one other one like ten years ago and I didn’t even know it was an earthquake at the time, I thought it was a big truck passing by it was that quick. This one shook the entire building and lasted a good bit. Enough that you felt it, thought maybe you were dizzy, then were like “is that a truck? No. Construction? My desk is shaking. Maybe this is something i should be concerned about. Is this an earthquake? Nah, it can’t b…holy shit this is an earthquake!”

And then someone in my office shouted “Earthquake!” and everyone went nuts.

The best story I’ve heard is how one woman on my floor felt the building shake and went to get food because she thought she must just have low blood sugar.

I’ve seen Facebook friends in NYC, Philly and Athens, TN comment that they felt it.