EA's fantastic new ad campaign

Glad to see the game industry is keeping up it’s image of a bunch of sociopathic, misogynistic manchildren.

Jesus christ. This is why we’re looked at as a slight step above pornography. Shit like this makes me goddamn ashamed to even hint at what I do in social circles.

Are we ever going to have any credibility as an industry that has the slightest amount of dignity at all?

Dude, get the fuck off your high horse, film have porn, some priest molest kids, teacher fuck their students, there are high and low in every industry.

If you hate the industry so much, just stop working in it, go find the perfect moral acceptable job out there.

Shit like this makes me goddamn ashamed to even hint at what I do in social circles.

why give a shit? if people judge you based on their perceptions of other people with similar interests to you, rather than your own merit, then they are stupid and not worth spending time with in the first place.


If you want to discuss gaming so badly, get your sniveling ass over to a gaming discussion forum and… oh. Right.

If this is the same PR company that thought a fake religious protest of Dante at E3 was a great idea, then we know what happened to everyone that worked at Acclaim.

This whole marketing campaign is an embarrassment.


Hey now, what did porn ever do to you?

Ever since the ad campaign for Porky’s I haven’t admitted to enjoying movies. Who would? Only a psycho.

Really? So the marketing images that an industry purposefully projects should not have any effect on the general public? Interesting.


Show me one film promotion/ad campaign that required people to take photos of as many scantily clad women as possible and post them all onto the internet to win a “date” with two hired women…

For the curious, the morons behind this are Wieden+Kennedy.

I don’t think this is offensive or necessarily embarrassing (well, hopefully it is to EA). Its just a totally dumb marketing campaign. If anything, it makes me less interested in Dante’s Inferno.

It’s an immature and stupid Ad, but it doesn’t represent the entire industry.

I think it’s extremely petty to hate something over things like this, that’s like me swearing off getting blow job because a girl accidentally used her teeth.

Will I do find this campaign to be ridiculous and a embarrassment, this embarrassment is as far as I’m concerned limited to the people promoting it and participating in it, although doing a search on twitter I doubt then can find the participants in the middle of a overwhelming flow of negative feedback. This does not have any reflection on the games industry and their participants.


Just the biggest company in the industry. It’s the equivalent of Coca Cola or Ford making an ass of themselves.

And par for the course for this game.


I agree. I think the issue here is twofold:

  1. The game industry already operates from a negative perception of being either for kids or for immature Peter Pan misogynists.

  2. Much of the marketing for the industry as a whole features content or themes that actually encourage that perception.

The movie analogy was used above by Fussbett but I don’t think it holds water. Ads for teen sex comedies do not give the impression that the entire film industry is purient. People know that “serious” films like Remains of the Day, The Reader, and Schindler’s List are out there. In contrast, gaming does not have the balanced public perception.

Microsoft/Nintendo/Activision might have something to said about that claim.

Was about to edit my post to add this. Now I can just say “Agree”.



I’d also add in that the hyper-defensive reaction that’s so common when an issue like this comes up really doesn’t help gaming move past that “every adult who plays games is an extra from The 40 Year Old Virgin” image.

EA doesn’t make hardware, and The Sims + Madden + Fifa beats WoW + Guitar Hero.

Either way, this isn’t some small dorky company like Acclaim being stupid.

Come to think of it, the Dragon Age marketing has also been very weak, even if the game itself is (from what I understand) pretty good. Is EA just having trouble selling new IP?