EA's fantastic new ad campaign

I don’t have a problem with flyinj pointing out the fact that the ad are sexist and immature.

I have a problem with him been ashame of working in the industry, as if he was too good for the game industry.

just to stretch it, but EA does make hardware, it’s call the rockband drum and guitars, and I’m pretty sure WoW alone beats madden + Fifa.

is it too late to enter?

So your problem is that he’s somehow attacking you personally for working in the industry?

I’m not gonna put words in his mouth, but somehow I really don’t think that’s what he was saying. At all.


-it is a flashy stunt so it gets noticed (ie this thread), good for advertising
-it appeals to the intended audience (young to middle aged men tend to notice women showing off products, hence the booth girls), good for advertising
-it encourages more people to go their game’s booth (since you can’t win otherwise obviously), good for advertising

I don’t really see the problem. It is a pretty low class stunt, but doesn’t mean it won’t be effective. Just like that Paris hilton carl jr tv ad and just like any number of advertising taking advantage of the fact that sex sells products.

If your only standard is “What sells product to our current demographic?”, then no, there isn’t a problem.

The issue is really: should that be the only standard the industry holds itself to?

This is the same industry that occasionally pontificates about how it’s so weird that more women don’t play games, after all. Maybe, just maybe, crap like this has something to do with that.

The point is, not other industry would think it had to cater to such a low-brow, mouthbreathing demographic. It’s this stigma that has been following the gaming sector since it’s inception… 12 year old hormone-crazed awkward kids in their basements.

The industry needs to move beyond this, and companies green lighting these campaigns (this is by far not the only example of something like this, even in the past year) just keeps us in the same rut.

I hope you never go to himeya site and check out some of the h-games there. you probably go postal and shoot everyone at work because game industry also produce games like that.

So, by your logic, we can never complain about something bad because there is something worse out there?



You can complain, but you shouldn’t generalize.

Directly telling people at CC to “commit acts of lust” with booth babes is the epitome of class! How dare anyone complain about this? It’s not like those girls have feelings, just look at the way they dress! They’re begging for it!

The Bitmob piece that included “Nerd Shoulder Syndrome” was hilarious, by the way:

I only recently learned about “Nerd Shoulder” syndrome – where trade-show booth babes get a layer of nasty filth across their back shoulder areas from days’ worth of sweaty man arms drapped around them for photos. Our own Demian Linn has even witnessed these models discussing it with each other and smelling each other’s backs with a look of disgust.

Yeah. Definitely worse.

Note to self: Hit on booth-babes by offering them purell and towels. “Hey baby, want me to disinfect you from that primordial soup that’s going to result in a fetid, pustulent rash that my brethren have smeared you with?”

Oh hey! This is that game loosely making a traversal reference to that book by a medieval plagiarist! There was just so much violence in the source material that they had to tone it down.


It is the same company.

This whole thing is a fucking embarrassment. God damn it.

Does anyone know if this is the same company that shipped out BRASS FUCKING KNUCKLES out in press packages for the godfather game?

And then asked them to be shipped back? …to california? …where they are illegal, which makes shipping them a federal offense?

And sent meat to vegetarian game journos to promote Skate 2.

It’s like EA thinks is trying to be Rockstar Games (and doing a piss-poor job of it).

What are we here, puritans? Sure, it’s not classy, and for the safety of the women, I’d worry about the framing of the contest, but it’s hardly a big deal. Next, you guys are going to start complaining about beer posters in corner convenience stores. Though, this nerd shoulder thing should get more press. If these nerds knew women were vomiting in their mouths near them, they might take the hint and take a shower.

“Grab boobs, take pictures, tweet, win prizes!”

Prizes to include a prison sentence, civil lawsuits, and all the loathing the internet can lump on you.

From a guy who makes games about giant space marines and chainsaw guns?

But hey, there’s no nookie in sight, so it’s uh… ok.

So you are thinking about how the safety of the women fits in this contest rule set, but it’s not a big deal?

Comic-con is huge, and there are reports of harrassment - probably not unique to a con of this size, but as Telefrog says earlier, an industry with a reputation for being a little hostile to women should probably not be pimping out its models, even for a chaperoned date with a nerd.

This is apparently only the first step in a series of events based around the seven deadly sins. With class like they’ve demonstrated so far, gluttony will involve harpooning an obese gamer and wrath will be a youtube of a street fight.