EA's new headache is here

Its called There. I can just see the pink slips at EA now, over that Sims Online and EnB double-wammy tankage.

It’s still too early for me to make a call on The Sims Online. I’ve heard that it’s doing fairly well (90,000 copies sold through). Gotta wait to see what the retention rate is like, and how the word of mouth spreads.

E&B is dead, though. They just did a huge overstock recall at my local EB. They had like 30 copies of the game, and all but 5 of them got shipped back.

I’m not 100% sure but I beleive “There” is more of a glorified chat experience with a few social activities than it is a true MMOG experience.

There is another game though that bears watching closely. The name of it is “Second Life” This one could really be something special if done correctly.


I’m in the “There” beta, so I’ll give everyone a heads-up once I get started.

When is someone going to make a Gibson-esque cyberspace MMO? Hell, tie it into my OS so I don’t have to exit the game environment to use email, manage files, surf the web… That’s what I’m waiting for. If they could build some sort of simple scripting and a lightweight server requirement, companies could just pop up a “cyberspace server” like a webserver and have a presence right in-game.

The way I see it, if the clients can parse coordinate data and short-n-sweet script hooks that are passed over the server, you could very easily achieve - at the lowest level - a fully graphical IRC session with 3D avatars. Make sure it’s got good VR headset support and you might finally sell some of those too. I know the iGlasses people would love you for it.

There would be an immediate economy generated if this sort of thing caught on, since as people now hire web designers they would hire 3D modelers. No reason why it can’t pull down a basic floorplan from a server, and then load textures and populate objects as you move about. If I get or need to send an email, that could just pop up as an adjustably transparent window over the scene. Heck, if the engine was right, it would be able to load up whatever you’d normally see on a desktop as an overlaid window on the VR scene - so there’s not much reason you couldn’t use your current apps from within the environment.

The problem I see is twofold: 1. Nobody wants to make it because they can’t see immediately how they’d get rich on it. Then again, nobody saw immediately how they’d get rich on HTML either, but everybody has a website don’t they? 2. Those who do look at making a VR environment are looking at far too complex issues. They look at it as a pure entertainment product, game software style issues. I say, make common tasks doable in a VR environment and then let it get refined once you’ve established basic functionality that replicates what I can do without it. Then make it fun. For right now, I think the ability to navigate my hard drive as a 3D space, transfer files by physically handing it from my avatar to yours, and the ability to navigate websites by walking through them while interacting with the other people doing the same is selling point enough to start.

Glove controller - $99 at EB
iGlasses - $150 at EB
VR OS today - priceless

www.activeworlds.com ?

I also MADE THE BETA, and I frankly am tired of holding my breath in utter excitement.

The only reason I am even going to try is for a possible preview, but these glorified chat rooms do little for me. I have a hard enough time liking people in the real world, nevermind some virtual jackass.

I am probably one of the few who likes to play my games ALONE, unless it’s with a group of close friends.

Not at all, man. I’ve never seen the huge appeal in the multiplayer game market. I mean, it’s one thing to play online with people you know (friends/family), I got great fun out of DiabloII/LoD with my friend(s), and I played DAoC with my brother and a friend, and he got me AC2 for xmas, which we’ll also play.

I didn’t much care for dealing with strangers (I had about an equal # of good and bad experiences with DAoC playing with random people, but the good were what I expected and the bad were seriously irritating. It also didn’t play terribly well solo, which was to be expected but you’d like to think you could write a game that worked both ways), in any form. too easy for dicks to run rampant (and you hear it everywhere, WC3, DII, griefers on any MMORPG, even Spades for crying out loud!).

My online gaming right now (aside from the soon to start AC2) is more or less limited to playing Texas Hold 'Em for play money at True Poker online. Not much chatting at all, and escaping the griefers is painfully easy.

I can’t wait for the next EA game “Go to work!” where you go to work, deal with your annoying co-workers all day and pretend to type while you check message boards.

Just think of the possibilities! If you don’t fake working well enough, you could GET FIRED!! That means game over you crazy knucklehead! You’ll have to start again at mail room level and schmooze your way back to the top!


If it’s in the game, it’s in the game.

Tell me about E&B. I finally found time to re-install it 2 weeks back after a HD crash… nobody I know is there. Now, I’m not much of a clan/guild fan, but it’s good to talk to people. Heck, at the moment, you can burn through ABA without any lag or sometimes without encountering anyone going the other way. Kaput.

I’m still playing E&B, though not as fanatically as I did for the first month. My guild went through a bit of a slump, with many of the founders drifting off after the first couple of months. Fortunately, one of the oldtimers rounded up new blood for the guild and it’s still chugging along. I can usually count on a handful of them being online any given night. I also meet some decent players in random situations from time to time, and keep in touch via the Friends List.

Part of the problem with E&B is that once you reach a certain level, you run out of interesting things to do. Many of the veterans (including myself) have started alternate characters to keep things fresh. Then there’s tomorrow’s update, which will add new missions and is said to contain the first major advancement of the story… something EA probably should have done a good two months ago.

Primary: Level 69 Terran Trader; Alternate: Level 41 Jenquai Explorer. Total playing time: >150 hours

Well, happy me. I just realized I’m in the EVE beta. Yay. Shit, did I just break NDA by saying that? :( Can’t remember. Oh well, I know basically I’m not allowed to say anything =/

No, we’re not. I mean… you’re not. :)

Some investor stuff on the fucking There,

"Since its inception, There has raised approximately $33 million - including $16 million from employees, and $6 million from Sutter Hill Ventures, a respected venture capital firm founded in 1962 with investments from Stanford, Princeton and Yale.

An additional $11 million has been raised from prominent angel investors, including Trip Hawkins, founder of EA and 3DO; Halsey Minor and Shelby Bonnie, founders of CNET; Kevin Ryan, CEO of DoubleClick; Steve Blank, founder of Epiphany; Bruce Leak, president and co-founder of WebTV; Tim Mott, co-founder of EA; Chris Larsen, CEO of E-Loan; and Jane Metcalfe and Louis Rosetto, co-founders of Wired magazine. "

‘There’ goes 33 million dollars. Or 16 million dollars fucked from the employees. Dumbasses! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!


BTW, the graphics suck over ‘there’. K I’m done.



Michael, I’m with you and dannimal. I play occasionally online with my brother or a few other friends, but generally prefer playing alone to playing with people I don’t know. I’d say I’m 95+% single player.

Michael, I’m with you and dannimal. I play occasionally online with my brother or a few other friends, but generally prefer playing alone to playing with people I don’t know. I’d say I’m 95+% single player.[/quote]

Count me in. Single player for days. Haven’t played an online game more than once every four to six months for a long time. Even back when I did play multiplayer games years ago, it was at LAN parties with groups of friends and such. Haven’t played on the inf0bahn that I can think of since Serious Sam 1.

I love playing with people I don’t know. Seriously. I actually don’t have any choice, because nobody I know likes to play Battlefield 1942 until 2am in the morning.

Scheduling games with friends is rewarding and all, but it’s also a giant pain in the ass. Sort of like going to lunch with coworkers-- by the time the group hive-mind decides when and where you’re going, you could have been done with lunch already!

I’ve had better luck falling in with gaming “clans” on particular servers, where you can just assume a certain median quality of anyone in the clan. That way you don’t have to schedule anything, just show up and play when it suits you. As long as the group is large enough, you’re bould to get some players you know.

Who said there were not a slew of The Sims copycats coming out? Here’s another one I would bet my dog is going to be bigger then TSO and There:

Cantr II

It’s gonna be big I tell ya’. BIG!!!

Who said there were not a slew of The Sims copycats coming out? Here’s another one I would bet my dog is going to be bigger then TSO and There:

Cantr II

It’s gonna be big I tell ya’. BIG!!!