Eastside Hockey Manager is Dead


Frankly pretty disappointing, EHM has been a great series.

Though I’m not sure if the attack on software piracy was warranted; as far as I know, none of the pirated versions of EHM 07 actually work correctly.

— Alan

Are hockey fans bigger pirates than football fans?


Damn. Sales had to have been pretty abysmal if the Scandinavian market was keeping the game afloat.

Well, we all know that the greatest hockey nation right now is Sweden so why is it so strange that the Scandinavian market was/are the largest?

I kind of enjoyed the freeware version, even though it was hideously slow. Enough to buy the first commercial version. But I didn’t find it very playable due to the move to the Championship/Football Manager engine, which I’ve always hated.

Apologies for the thread necro, but I happened upon quite the surprise in Steam when I found that there is a new EHM in Early Access!

I played a ton of Franchise Hockey Manager 2014, and am glad that EHM is back.

Yeah I saw that EHM was in Steam a couple days ago, then I saw this thread and thought it was toast already!

Amazingly, The Blue Line already has updated rosters built out for the early access version.


I am installing them now and going to give the game a try. I sunk hundreds of hours into EHM, so happy…Maybe we can get a thread title change to indicate it has been resurrected (The game not just the thread.)