Easy ps2 games

i really enjoyed/am enjoying some easy games:

snoopy vs red baron (just started, opened a couple worlds)
dog’s life (i think i’m nearing the end)

lego star wars: original trilogy (100% complete, 300,000,000 studs)
we love katamari (collected ~10000 roses out of a million in the rose level)

the proportion of time i spend cursing the developers of these games is remarkably low compared to say, god of war or gta:san andreas.

what are your favorite easy games?

I know where you’re coming from, and I am much the same way - I just don’t want to bother with beating my head against a difficult game, not the way I used to. Just thinking about the time I spent mastering R-Type alone twenty years ago makes me shudder.

But hey, if you haven’t tried them, give the Ratchet and Clank games a shot. I wouldn’t say that they are easy as much as just non-punishing. You can’t lose the game - even if you die, you’re bumped back to a checkpoint to try again, and you don’t lose experience you gain so you’re a little tougher the next time you get to the spot that got you before. I love those games, I think I’ve played each at least twice.

Bully is pretty easy. And magical, to boot!


Barbie Horse Adventure

Okami is ridiculously easy. But also ridiculously awesome.

Is this a joke? I couldn’t even get past the first level, the game is so hard. And its really boring to boot. I realize the game is really popular here at Qt3, but it just wasn’t interesting enough at the start to learn the awful interface. It’s just too hard. Maybe if I could get past the first level, my view of the game would change, I don’t know.

Rock8man, you are not man enough for Killer 7. There’s no shame in that. We still accept you as one of us, albeit a lesser form.

-Tom, New Romantic

Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter.

At least it was easy the second time I played through it with loads of Party XP and all my skills and great weapons intact.

Maybe Sly Cooper?

For me, the ultimate easy game will always be Dynasty Warriors. I’d say get DW 5:Empires since its difficulty ranges from absurdly easy to slightly challenging, and it boasts the most diverse gameplay of the series.

The R&C games are a marvelous example of game design. Even if you fail, you earn experience and currency so you still advance a little every time. Unlike a checkpoint restore that just puts you back in the same place where you lost from the last time.

Also, I had a good time with Cloning Clyde. The devs didn’t want to beat me as much as show me all the cool stuff they’d thought of. Crackdown is kind of like that, too.

Maximo: Army of Zin isn’t very difficult and blends stylish combat with classic platforming in a neat comic package.

Sly Cooper 1 is pretty much a must-play for anyone and everyone. R&C 1-3 can be considered the same.

Ratchet and Clank is a bad example. At least the first one. I quit that game because the crappy checkpoint saves were so far apart that I ended up repeating sections over and over again. Not easy.

Sly Cooper got kinda tough towards the end.

Maximo and Dragon Quarter are the worst “easy game” suggestions I’ve ever heard.

The Nippon Ichi SRPGs can be easy since you can just grind until you are able to beat anything.

Maximo 2 really isn’t bad at all. It’s Maximo 1 that will frustrate and anger.

Same here, with 2.

Hold on, if Ratchet & Clank is considered hard, then what the fuck is considered easy? Mario is Missing?!

My easy game list:

Any Zelda game, especially Wind Waker.
New Super Mario Bros.
Generally anything developed by Nintendo EAD
Both KotORs
Dungeon Siege
Eternal Darkness
Sid Meier’s Pirates! (not at high diff though)

I just realized this thread is for PS2 only. Doh!

I agree about the easy part, but I found the game so boring that I couldn’t keep playing. Walking around killing guys who just stand there waiting to be slaughtered just isn’t my idea of fun. Didn’t play Empires, though.

My easy games- GTA:SA-just ignore the plot, and cruise.
Rayman Raving Rabbids or whatever it is called. Wierd wacky fun. Can’t wait to play this on the Wii.
Katamari anything
God of War
Original daxter and Jax is good fun, and all the Rachet and Clanks
SSX Tricky and Tony Hawk games.

On the 'cube:
Mario Strikers
Mario Kart
Paper Mario-see a trend?
Luigis Mansion

There are some weird fucking “easy game” choices in this thread. God of War!? PAINKILLER!?

Painkiller was easy.