Easy way to encrypt/password a flash drive?

Is there a free and easy way to encrypt/password a flash drive? What I’m looking for is something simple that will just require a password to view/access the flash drive on any computer it is plugged in to. Free is obviously desired.

I apparently do not have the version of Windows 7 that came with BitLocker.

Most websites discuss a free program called “TrueCrypt”, which has apparently been discontinued (and the current version does not seem to allow for new encryption to be done in any event).

I’m looking for something that does not actually require that the individual computer the flash drive is plugged into have special software. It would be very nice if I could somehow just password protect the jump drive and access to it.

If you get the penultimate version of truecrypt, you can encrypt most of the thumb drive and leave a small portion unencrypted, containing the portable version of truecrypt.
The end user plugs it in, runs truecrypt and points it to the encrypted flash drive and enters the password.

I haven’t tried these sites myself but you can get any TrueCrypt version here:

and here:


CypherShed should be coming out soon, it’s in beta right now.

Anyone have any experience with VeraCrypt (or have an alternative suggestion) now that TrueCrypt is gone?

It’s exactly the same exactly for the name change.

https://www.apricorn.com/ if you want to do it software-less for a relatively affordable consumer alternative to Iron Keys.

…not these guys: