Eating Some Warcraft 3 Crow

OK, I’ve slammed Blizzard and Warcraft 3 many, many times and in many public places. I’m here to eat crow and admit for the first time that…I actually enjoy Warcraft 3 multiplayer. I don’t know what happened. One of my online buddies urged me to give the game a good two weeks of online play before I dismissed it so harshly. A month later it’s my favorite multiplayer game.

The reason I like it so much is the 90 food limit. I can actually beat opponents using sound military tactics every now and then instead of being forced into the “build until I can’t build no more” strategy. Now I have to think about combined arms, assembling the right team, and getting the team in the right place in ways that make AOE2 seem downright simple.

It’s far from perfect and does require too much clicking - but the 90 food limit makes the game for me. That coupled with the hero system and creeping strategies are pretty nice. Plus I can defeat my younger brother with my 40 year-old fingers in WC3!

I was wrong. WC3 is a pretty good online game.

It does take out the mass a huge army to swamp your opponent. It make you go out and be an offensive player too instead of walling up and making the game a giant standoff. The biggest thing new players do is just play conservativly. Then they find their Hero’s 3 and 4 levels behind and loose.

It took me a while to adjust to all of the balancing issues that can totally screw you up in the late game. Built too many footmen - oops, here comes the undead and I only have one priest! It’s hard to recover from these kinds of mistakes and it makes the game pretty exciting. I’ve played 1 on 1 games on large maps that have lasted three or four days as we jostled back and forth until the resources were gone. That never would happen in AoE2. The units are dumb, but not stupid so they don’t hurt themselves too much. I really like turning a knight invisible and having it run with the enemy units as they re-group. The enemy can’t understand how I’m so prepared when they resume their attack :D .

Fun stuff.

I concur. It’s a fantastic multiplayer game with quite a few interesting tweaks-- as pointed out earlier, the heroes, the food cap, and the upkeep tax. Every game plays out differently; I’m not seeing one uber-strategy.

For example. The last game I played was a 3vs3 and all 6 of us ended up with NO base AT ALL. We were running around with our heroes and whatever troops we could muster, making last ditch attacks and preventing others from rebuilding while trying to scrape up enough cash for one of us to build a town hall. I had my level 7 mage and two master level priests, who came in handy for healing and inner fire on everyone. Fortunately we had much higher level heroes than they did, particularly after we found some unharvested high level creeps in the extreme corners of the map.

There are still some balance things I want to see addressed with the game, though.

  1. Night Elves are WAY too good-- all three of their heroes are amazing, and of course the damn huntresses and healing moonwells. In a 1vs1, assuming equal skill, I’m not sure anyone can win against a NE. NEs need to be balanced down.

  2. Orcs have an awful early game. You see good orc players build all shamans and 3 heroes, because the basic spearmen and grunts are such a terrible waste of money. Shamans of course are too powerful, but that and towers is all you really have to work with as an orc. Orcs need to be balanced up.

Humans and Undead, I think, are more or less balanced.

In other news, holy crap-- I’m actually ranked now. Level 13, #787 on the random team ladder.

“and of course the damn huntresses and healing moonwells.”

Its a big advantage in leveling hero(s) up fast. You can go out early get in a fight and run back to heal…rinse and repeat while a say Human player could be “hurting” for a bit.

I thought I was enjoying it for a few days, but my friend and I gave up on it soon after. Im sure its a great game if you haven’t played almost every other RTS under the sun like I have.

Excuse me, but I have played and own just about every RTS game ever created. My first reaction was just like yours and I really didn’t find much entertaining in the game. But then I visited (I think that’s the url) and watched some replays. I saw all sorts of interesting strategies taking place. That’s when I decided to give the game another chance and I’m glad I did.

I agree. It’s the single most important change they made to the fundamental mechanics, and it’s a good change.

While there are some interesting strategies, the overall feel of the game is far to similar to everything else. Let’s just say I played all of the bad RTS games as well as the Good. For that reason I generally dont even think about touching an RTS anymore.

$19.99 - shipping is free.

price good through EOD.


I managed to pick up WarCraft III half price here in Australia. The game looks and sounds great and shows a huge amount of spit and polish on Blizzards part.

As for the gameplay - I have been playing through the single player campaign. I think I am really out of practice with RTS’s as I was swamped a couple of times and sometimes I would send off my heroes on a side quest only to find my base being invaded.

On one mission in the human campaign I had to fend off the orcs for 30 minutes. My big mistake was going after a caravan. Then the orcs invaded my base without any readily available hero. At 5 mins to go I only had my hero left as the sole unit. I had to use hit and run tactics to draw them away from my grand hall (ot whatever its called).

At 6 seconds to go my hero was killed but my base still stood. The mission then surprisingly ended in success. The next mission is a zombie hunt in the city which I am not really looking forward to.

Basically too many things going on at once and I am having trouble keeping track of my base and armies. I think I am enjoying the game but if this is an indication of difficulty in the early stages I may not be enjoying it for much longer.

Maybe I am just getting old ? :roll:

Damn. I missed that $19.99 deal :/ back up to $39 now.

The 90 food limit really makes the single player compaign more challenging that it could have been. You have to balance out your economics with the need to build units in the early game. It also makes it pretty much impossible to defend more than 1 base and still have enough units for a decent attack while maintaining any kind of respectable cash flow to replace lost units.

I whipped through the single player campaign with only a couple of hiccups. Now it’s time to unlearn all my anti-AI strategies and start trying the multiplayer. I’m just hoping it doesn’t take me too long to learn to defend against the 2 barracks-rush that I keep seeing in the replays.