EB Games Xbox 360 Bundles

Those who can’t take sticker shock, turn back now.


I suppose this is Microsofts fault?

Yeah I blame M$$$$.

Here is a thought. Dont be a dumbass and preorder online. You get it a day late doing that as well.

Nobody said it’s Microsoft’s fault, it’s simply the price to play 360 if you order from EB online.


You do know they have done this with every system like ever right?


Need I go on?

Dude, stop being an ass. Of course I know that. I also know that those bundles cost no more than $449.99 when those consoles shipped. Quite a lot of money difference there.


Dude are you being real? I remember seeing a 599 ps2 bundle before release. I would bet money one a 499 xbox one as well.

Just because EB is a serial date-raper, that doesn’t make it okay. ;)

No way. The systems themselves were only $299.99. Most bundles were $399.99. The highest any of them got was $449.99 IIRC. I’ll give you the possibility of a $499.99 bundle somewhere though, but in general, most were only $100 more than the console itself.

Just for perspective, since it seems like all the replies here are always in love with the pricing. Many of those posters are big Xbox fans. I’ve played on Xbox Live with a few of them in fact.



Dave, its EB adding games to the packs and a bunch of shit. I doubt that the PS2 bundle was 2 controllers, battery packs for chargers and 4 games at like 399. That would cause EB to possibly lose money.

Hi Dave. My name is Marcus.

The way the rebate works is like this: For IGN readers, all you have to do is enter PS2IGN in the coupon code box and you’ll receive the instant rebate. The full price for the bundle is $469.99, a great deal that currently includes the two best games for the system. There is a limit of one per person, and the Sports Bundle offer ends on February 23, 2001. So go now!

Whats that? Only 2 games come with it?

Your getting 4 games, an extra controller (wireless), and 2 accessories for those wireless controllers to keep them going longer / recharing them. That’s about $300 worth of merchandise… So, essentialy, that combo sucks. You save like $0.08. Unless games really are $60… then you save like $30.
But, in the end, a $700 package isn’t totally insane. I would consider it if all those games came out at launch, and it had a bit more value (saving $50+ instead of pennies).

Also, I don’t remember a PS2 combo that came with 4 games, an extra controller, and a bunch of wireless controller accessories, for only $399, ect.

Jason, it’s $699.92.


Oh yeah and!

The other bundles include various items plus the games included: a Boxing bundle ($479.92, Knockout Kings 2001), a Best of Bundle ($599.91, Madden NFL 2001, SSX, and Dead or Alive 2 Hardcore), A shooter Bundle ($479.94, TimeSplitters), a Racing Bundle ($479.94, Midnight Club), a Sports Bundle (at $494.93, it includes the games NFL Gameday 2001 and NBA Shootout 2001), a Star Wars/Sports Bundle (at $494.94 it includes the games Star Wars Starfighter and Madden NFL 2001), and an Onimusha Bundle ($479.94, and Onimusha). There is also an Accessory Bundle #2 ($429.85), which includes a PlayStation 2 (cords and a controller), an extra Sony Dual Shock Analog controller, an 8 MB Sony PS2 memory card, and an Interact Gameshark 2 (Ultimate Cheat Code Game Enhancer!). All bundles include a shipping and handling cost of $9.99.

OK, so this is still $100 more than any of those. Nice find.


I think you should take a closer look at the 599 bundle I posted above. Thats a pretty shitty deal when you do a side by side with either of the 360 bundles.

I’m sure that bundle included more than just three games.


Well yeah you got an extra controller card a memory card and some cables or something.

What are you guys even arguing about? They are ALL shitty deals, given that the prices for all the bundles are nearly identical to what you’d pay for all the items seperately. And of course the 360 bundles are more expensive. The hardware is more expensive. What did you expect? That EB was going to give you a big discount?

These bundles are just a way for EB to strongarm you into buying more than you might want (a console and a game, or maybe a console and a memory card and a game, for the non-hard drive consoles). These “deals” are entirely for EB’s benefit, not yours. I’m not sure why Dave is surprised at the cost of the 360 bundles (the pricing breakdown is the same as it is on all their bundles–pretty near full price for all the stuff you get), and I’m not sure why ranvarian is so gung-ho to defend these bundles (EB loves customers like you).

Both of you get a time-out.