EB Games Xbox 360 Bundles

I’m not surprised Ben, just noting the high prices as being really high.


I think at this point on this forum, someone could post a thread titled “Xbox 360” and “Xbox 360 prices” as the first post and an argument would start. It’s actually pretty funny. :)

I just think the arguing itself is hilarious. I mean, say what you want, $600-700 is pretty much the minimum price of buying a 360 at launch. Unless you don’t want to actually play games with it.

Man, PC gaming is looking cheaper and cheaper all the time. You could get a Dell machine for $499 on sale and then add a good video card and memory for an additional $200 and come away at or under the 360 bundle price.

(Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

Man, PC gaming is looking cheaper and cheaper all the time. You could get a Dell machine for $499 on sale and then add a good video card and memory for an additional $200 and come away at or under the 360 bundle price.



You’ll have to give a lot more than the possibility, Dave.

The X-box launch bundle (and it was pretty much bundled EVERYWHERE) was 3 games and a couple accessories for 499.99. Gamestop, EB, even Target and Fred Meyer were pushing this bundle for a good three weeks after launch.


No way. The systems themselves were only $299.99. Most bundles were $399.99. The highest any of them got was $449.99 IIRC. I’ll give you the possibility of a $499.99 bundle somewhere though, but in general, most were only $100 more than the console itself.

Just for perspective, since it seems like all the replies here are always in love with the pricing. Many of those posters are big Xbox fans. I’ve played on Xbox Live with a few of them in fact.



You never save a thing on EB or Gamestop bundles. The PSP and DS bundles were the same way.

I guess it is if you are retarded enough to buy one of those bundles. Otherwise, your math is off:

Xbox: $399
Game: $50
Total: $449

I’m sure you could get it up to $600 pretty quickly, throwing in more games and extras. And yeah, it’s still expensive, even at $449. But $600-700 is hardly “the minimum price… unless you don’t want to actually play games with it.”

I mean I understand that, but if you look at the console cost and what’s in the bundle it isn’t outrageous. Buying then seperately would be the same. Trust me, I’d never buy this bundle, it’s like spending extra for at least one game I don’t want so yeah.

That’s exactly why it’s outrageous.

Ok, point taken. It’s not a fair bundle, but it’s not Microsofts fault. I’m gonna go do a big trade in for my down payment tomorrow, but not at EB.

Ironically, you were the only one talking about whether or not this is Microsoft’s fault in this thread (or in the other, for that matter). Nobody else has even implied that it is, and Dave Long specifically said that he is not claiming that it’s Microsoft’s fault, in reply to your first post.

I applaud everyone who refuses to accept EB’s attempt to strongarm you out of your money, though. This bundling nonesense gets worse with every console release, and consumers need to tell retailers that they want this practice to stop.

I admit I took Dave wrong. Sorry Dave. I hate those fucking bundles. Maybe if they had them where you could choose the games you wanted and you got an extra controller, thats different, but it’s highway robbery this way.

Ok, how many of you are going to happily let Microsoft fuck you in the ass? C’mon, bitches, stand up! :lol:

As someone who was in retail, let me tell you that I completely understand why they do this. The margins on the console are usually equal to zero. So if you only get the console at EB and nothing else, they make no money at all from you on that visit. They’re just a middleman for Microsoft distributing their consoles for free (or at EB’s cost…since EB probably paid to have them shipped to the stores).

So they bundle in a bunch of things and force you to buy them to get the console because all those other things are where they actually make a profit on the sale. The problem this time is the console is $100 more expensive so that it makes the bundles (especially ridiculously overloaded ones like these) into these enormously bloated and super high priced items.

Obviously, if EB took away the bundles and you were that guy that bought only the console at their store, there’s still a good chance you’ll come back later, or buy an extended service agreement. So they’re not thinking long term, only looking at launch gouging.

I might add that this is one console I’d spring for whatever the longest term of that agreement that you can get. Microsoft will probably give you a year, but if EB or Best Buy or whoever will give two, I’d take it, break it near the end of year two, and get a replacement.


I’m surprised EB doesn’t offer 12-month no-interest financing with an EB MasterCard to help people pay for these system bundles. I suppose it would be a Gamestop MasterCard since the buyout/merger, but I’m surprised they haven’t progressed to this point yet.

That was the funniest thing I’ve read all week :lol: :lol:


This “XBOX360” girl better give good head for that price.

I see your madness and raise you one.


$1200 for one of those suckers. I can’t believe they aren’t joking. Does anyone lay out that kind of cash on launch day?


let me clarify that: WHAT A FUCKING RIPOFF. They’re charging MORE than what that’s worth seperately. Good GOD