Ebay question - bad feedback

I sold something on Ebay recently, and the person who bought it is threatening to leave negative feedback, apparently just because she is a four-letter word. I’ve been communicative, the product was as described, and I’d be happy to take it back and refund her, but she seems like she just has a bug up her butt. I have 100% feedback with about 150 transactions, and I don’t want to ruin that.

Does anyone know if she does leave negative feedback, and I can demonstrate to Ebay that the product was as described (I can, incontrovertibly), can I get the feedback removed?

You can always respond to her feedback and give your side of the situation. I think anyone who’s used Ebay extensively has at least a couple of negatives from crazies who will never be satisfied.

It’s not the end of the world.

All I could find. eBay are a bit funny about this and unless there are potential repercussions that would reflect badly on the company tend to ignore them.

I suspect all you can do is put your own comment on the feedback if it is negative.

eBay doesn’t want to get into the game of having to adjuticate every dispute. Accept the negative feedback and go on.

Yep. I investigate negative feedback on sellers, but if the buyer wrote “HE IS A LIER AND CHEAT!!! PRODUCT DS NOT WORK AND DO NOT BUY FROM THIS LIER!!!” and the seller responds “This person never paid for the item. Obviously crazy,” I go ahead and buy.

When she leaves the bad feedback just reply and say: “She tried to blackmail me for as good rating.”

Then mail her a bomb.