eBay question for you old hands

Ok, I’ve never used eBay before, but I just won my first auction–a copy of Imperialism II for $4.25. So they notified me that I won and had a PayPal button for me to click on. I clicked on it and made the payment. Now, do I need to do anything else? I assume the guy knows where to send the game, since they asked for a shipping address when I did the PayPal thing. Should I contact him? Is that essential, or is it considered annoying, or what?

I dunno. I buy lots of stuff online, but I’ve never done it this way before, so I feel a little uncomfortable, not knowing the process…

He has enough info to finish the deal. However, you can still contact him if you want.

I am not an old hand, but I’ve done it enough. I had one guy who kept emailing me from bogus email accounts. It wouldn’t be so bad, but he kept insisting I get in touch with him because his package hadn’t arrived. Ever time I wrote, the message would bounce. He sent three messages over a three day period and each message he would get more and more excited. Finally he sent me a phone number. When I called him up, he had no explanation for his behavior. What a nut!

What if he doesn’t send it? I’m sure he will, since he has a good reputation rating with eBay, but what if he wouldn’t? Am I just S.O.L. or do I have some recourse?

Since you paid through PayPal, you might have some. eBay bought PayPal and does apply some guarantees if the vendor you bought from is registered and verified. There should be some help pages at both eBay and PayPal that can better direct you.

eBay is a pretty interesting place. The Wild West of the Internet. I am amazed at the number of things you can buy there, and the weird characters there that have accounts, yet seem to lack the IQ necessary to turn on a computer.

Hey, me too. I had never used ebay before, but won an auction on the weekend for a WW2 book, and was wondering how best to pay as well - pay pal or US Money Order. I’ve never used Paypal either – doesn’t it take some time to set up? I thought they billed some amount on your credit card, and then you had to confirm it went through to a statement, and only then could you use Paypal? Or is it simple a matter of charging through your credit card, like any online retailer?

Yeah, it charges through your credit card. For eBay, PayPal is terrific. My wife is an eBay maniac and we’ve had no problems with the PayPal system.

Paypal charges you a small percentage. It works out to less than the cost of a money order, so I never sweat it. PayPal also charges you if you want money people send to you in the form of a paycheck. Direct deposit is free and faster. PayPal also has a new insurance feature to help protect against fraud. It isn’t all that different than buying insurance on a mailed package, or much more expensive. I’ve never used that feature though. It’s notable that, in this way, it’s MUCH safer than a money order or cashier’s check, which is wasted money if it goes astray.

It charges your credit card or your bank account (if you allow that). Conveniently, if you also sell, it can take money from your owed balance as well. I’ve been using Paypal for years and recommend it.

It’s been awhile, but I think it only takes time to setup if you are recieving money or sending money from a bank account. For sending money with a credit card, it’s just like a regular charge. I don’t think you even need to setup an account to send money.

Yeah, PayPal is pretty decent now…though there are horror sites around if you want to read about how it can go wrong. Before Ebay bought them, they weren’t exactly the most reputable company around. Folks have had problems with their money never getting to them because of disputes, often when the other party simply turns asshole on them.

The best thing you can do is be smart with your Ebay purchases. Only deal with folks that have a lot of feedback or all positive feedback. With so many people selling the same things all the time, it’s worth waiting for a reasonable seller rather than getting taken.


“Yeah, it charges through your credit card. For eBay, PayPal is terrific.”

I send and get money through my checking account.