eBay value of Brian Reynold's Alpha Centauri plummets

Title eBay value of Brian Reynold's Alpha Centauri plummets
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Games
When December 21, 2012

It's a sad day for us owners of Brian Reynolds' Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri. The complete version, not the incomplete basic version without the notoriously hard-to-find Alien Crossfire add-on..

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It seems that if you've previously purchased Alpha Centauri via GoG you can now download the version with the add-on.

I seriously love this game, even with its outdated graphics, the gameplay and storyline are fabulous. I wish they had taken more from this game when they made Civ IV and V. This would one that is ripe for a remake or update if they ever figure out the licensing issues.

I think there was a Civ IV mod attempting to remake Alpha Centauri. But except for a few minor interface issues, I'm not convinced it needs a remake. Alpha Centauri holds up as is, and I'm even okay with the graphics.

I think it desperately needs the borders mechanic. Way too easy to cheese war on enemy cities. "You mean my innocent terraforming unit lowered the sea level next to your city enough to sink it? Oops!"

Alpha Centauri introduced the borders mechanic. I assume you'd just like it to be implemented differently.

Yeah, this is cool. Basic SMAC is nice, but it's better with the expansion. Did I read that this is a gift from EA, too? Even the evil empire sometimes coughs up a virtuous deed: a reluctant holiday-season kudo to them.

Thanks for the heads-up Tom. SMAC was one of my favorite iterations of the Civ franchise and one I've enjoyed coming back to on occasion over the years. I even fired up my old copy earlier this summer, once I got it working on Windows 7. However, I've never had a chance to try the expansion, which certainly seems worth the $3 price GOG is currently asking for both games together.

Thanks for mentioning this one, more people should play SMAC. I loved the original when it came out, but never managed to find a copy of the expansion. For all of 3 dollars too O.o.

And perhaps someday the Mac version will be available online / updated to relevant hardware? Sniffle...