eBayer pays $611 for empty X360 box


And it’s not even a REAL empty box.

I’m not sure if I should feel sorry for this guy or not.

well we dont know if he actually paid for it but yeah.

Well, not only does the buyer have bad feedback, but the seller’s account was apparently closed by eBay.

Pretty amusing nonetheless. The guy “tries” to make it clear that it’s just a box, yet posts system info/spec and pictures, heh. Guess eBay didn’t go for it.

Er, no. I don’t feel too sorry for the guy who bought it.

They are using an autobidder. They put in key words like 360 box system, and search in the system section. So if the subject says Xbox360 system in the box, it automatically bids or snatches up a low BuyItNow Price. So people always try and fool the auto-bidder tool by putting in something like New Xbox System Box.

So, typically, if something like this happens, the buyer never pays.

And another one. This listing inspired someone on SA to try it themselves; I wonder if that’s who that first listing is… (edit: Oh wait, this second one is that goon; the seller name and his AIM handle match up. He got banned for it, too.)

Caveat emptor, but I imagine eBay is reacting since they’re arguably mislisted; a box or photograph shouldn’t really be in the ‘game systems’ section.

Ebay is full of crap like

ASUS MOBO [size=1]can be used[/size] WITH A64 4000+ AND 1GB DDR 3700 RAM!

It’s everywhere, and was a major annoyance when I was last looking for computer stuff on ebay. I had to trawl every damn sentence in every listing just to be sure.

I remember when ebay was a giant source for cheap used stuff. Now it’s just a giant cheap advertising directory for brick and mortars and online stores alike.

Wha? No, it’s just that, like anything, over time retards have gravitated toward it knowing they can sometimes take advantage of bigger retards. The guy’s a dick for listing an auction like this, but auto-bidder or not, the guy who won the auction doesn’t deserve any sympathy. I think most people buy stuff from eBay with the understanding that there’s a good chance they’ll be ripped off if they don’t pay attention. eBay has been pretty good at preventing this sort of thing, though, considering the staggering number of times it happens.

I got $179 for my Limited Edition E3 2005 faceplate.

There’s a rumor going around that that faceplate doesn’t even fit the final unit. Can anyone confirm or scotch?

Someone on GAF (?) said they tried theirs and it worked. Lord knows if I could find that post again, though.


Hmmm, I might just have to eBay mine, since I have nothing to attach it to…

I don’t quite understand the appeal of the faceplates other than as “bling” so the only reason I’d have anything other than the default one in the box is because I got another one for free.


Dave, as a GamerDad surely you understand that teh kidz don’t need it to be anything other than bling. Bling is all.

Yeah, but see, that’s me being a GamerDad. I’m supposed to act like I don’t understand these damn kids. ;)


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Apparently someone wasn’t amused with their little sale ;)

There’s a rumor going around that that faceplate doesn’t even fit the final unit. Can anyone confirm or scotch?[/quote]