EBGames.com and shipping Pre-Orders?

What does EB Games do when they release games? Are they open 24 hours a day to ensure that all pre-orders are sent on the shipping date?

The reason I ask this is because, I pre-ordered Star Wars: Empire at War, and it is now 20 to midnight on the day of release…the game is/was supposed to be shipped TODAY…and the status is still “Open”.

I really hope that I don’t have to wait until Friday to get the game I pre-ordered (overnight shipping)…

Don’t give those cockholsters your business.

EB and Gamestop are usually pretty good about shipping right away. I have preordered from both a lot over the past couple years and only Gamestop fucked up once or twice.

they have never messed up on my orders either…but they have never went this far into the night without sending me any info.

Are their warehouses open 24 hours a day?

I know that most UPS are open 24 hours…

I was about to be all “Dude, so what if your game shows up a day or two late? It’s a game!” and then I remembered that’s only because I don’t care about that Star Wars game, and I get exactly the same way with stuff I want. Man, what’s wrong with us?


but, what is bugging me the most is, I pre-ordered…and payed for overnight shipping. And something has happened with their system, I am guessing.

I need to call them here in a bit…still haven’t gotten anything from them.


I know that its pretty common for people to actually receive their product before they even update the shipping info. I wouldn’t worry yet.

i called them this morning…the guy said that they were holding the game because they ran out of the promo death star desktop balls.

He said that he can go on and release it to be shipped. I cancelled…I can go to the store now and get it…and pay 10 less for shipping…


Are we talking about empires at war? That is in stores today? I thought it didn’t make it into stores until the day after it ships.

Just don’t order from Gogamer and use their USPS-based dirty cheap $2 shipping. I ordered Psychonauts and Fable two weekends ago and still haven’t received either. And the tracking number is worthless since f’n USPS never updates their site.

That’s media mail shipping, and the only “tracking” you’ll get is delivery confirmation, if I recall correctly. My last order from them showed up in about a week and a half using that option.

UPS’ tracking info is often incorrect. IMO, I believe it’s due in large part to the tyrannical demands they make on their drivers. UPS drivers will do anything to deliver your package to you. This sounds great, but what that means is, they’ll improperly update tracking info to dodge scrutiny or blame if they have to. My office for work does not have a secretary, so many times nobody is there when UPS comes by. Even though we’ve arranged it so drivers may either leave our boxes of frozen human tissue at the door or in the office next door, many times the driver will slap a Sorry We Missed You Sticker on our door with a revised delivery time for the next day (or if it’s Friday, the following Monday, which is great since them boxes barely have enough dry ice to last 2 days from the time I am supposed to get them)), yet they won’t update their system and they will try to deliver the box at some random time later that same day. I have to assume it’s because they’ll get shit from either/both their supervisors and/or another driver if somebody else gets that driver’s route the next business day. It’s to where I don’t place orders on Thursday, or else I typically spend Friday glued to my office.

Also, if UPS loses your stuff - too bad for you.

I was getting some books from Amazon and some other stuff from another vendor earlier this week via UPS. The website said it would be here Tuesday by 4:30, which was fine, and we’ve made arrangements to have the guy leave things in our glassed in front porch if no one is here.

I get home around 7:30pm and go to the front of the house to get my packages and basically collide with the UPS guy who is running them to our door. I was pleasant and said, “I was just coming to check on those very packages!” and he replied, “Well here they are” then ran off into the night.

He seemed pretty stressed out. I’m thinking Valentine’s Day? Many many packages? I don’t know.

When I order from EB I always get the package before they update their shipping information. And what is it with grumpy UPS employees. They are never outright rude, but it’s always obvious they are not having a good day. I get a couple packages a week from them so it’s a pretty wide sample. Same with Airborne/DHL. They are downright pissy most of the time.

Fedex on the otherhand is either a cute bubbly asian female (rarely the same one) or a relaxed, laid back surfer style “hey man, here is your package, check you later dude.”

Not a fan of UPS. A recent change was their “import brokerage fee” for packages shipped from the US to Canada.

For instance, I ordered a $35 dollar or whatever bottle of Ephedra tabs online. It gets here, no problem. It’s assessed something like $4 in GST. They pay it for me, and then charge me a $40 brokerage fee.

FedEx has it as well, but it’s only $10.

Don’t feel bad for UPS drivers - they are well compensated. Not only do they get overtime all the time, their union has brokered some incredible benefits. A UPS driver I know has something like 12 weeks of vacation time a year now and has been with them for only about 10 years.