EBGames: "Enjoy CoD2, or just don't get an xbox!"

People who ordered the bundle with DOA4 will now get COD2. Don’t like COD2? The story makes it sound like your only choice is to just cancel your order, which would mean not getting what you wanted until 2006. Wooo!

Boy am I glad I don’t want an Xbox right now. Are these shortages really necessary? Is there some reason why every console has to be so high tech that production runs are always short?

I suspect it’s more of a marketing ploy than an actual production problem.

I don’t really think so, considering that more sales == better, on all fronts. If they had them, they’d be selling them. Now, it could just be a paper shortage, and when the launch day comes, everyone has plenty. That I’d believe. But they won’t hold back machines.

There have been some rumors of actual PR comments about not wanting to meet demand and having pre-printed “SOLD OUT” signs ready to go at many stores that they are required to put up on the first weekend.

I don’t lend a lot of credence to it. It’s pretty obvious from the game lineup that Microsoft rushed this launch big time. Having too few consoles is just another part of that.


I don’t really think so, considering that more sales == better, on all fronts. If they had them, they’d be selling them. Now, it could just be a paper shortage, and when the launch day comes, everyone has plenty. That I’d believe. But they won’t hold back machines.[/quote]

Of course it’s better… when you artifically limit supply, people are willing to pay more to buy an Xbox 360. So what happens is, they can start off with a higher price in the beginning and people will buy it anyways simply because its hard to obtain a copy. Then, they will slowly lower the price until everyone else who wants one will buy it until at a certain price level most people who wanted one will have bought it.

This could be considered a type of price discrimination (in order to maximize profits).

While it is kind of a sketchy way of doing it, there ain’t nothin’ wrong with CoD2 for the 360. At least they didn’t swap in some crappy shovelware title.

It gets attention, doesn’t it? Microsoft will sell every XBox they put on shelves anwyay. So, they can sell 1 million of them in the first week. Or they can sell 500 thousand in the first week, sell out badly, get lots of “Sold Out!!!” PR and “XBOX on ebay for $1,000!!!” PR, then sell the other 500 thousand a week later.

I agree; a complete sellout is always a PR bonanza for a launch system, just as systems still on the shelf a few days after launch is a PR nightmare. Witness the “PSP is d0med” threads on QT3 recently, inspired by the fact that you could, um, walk into a store and buy one.

Anyone who thinks they are intentionally shorting supply is a tool. You have no idea how much midnight oil the xbox team has been burning for the past few months.

Based on the evidence I’ve seen, I’d guess launch day numbers are more like 250,000 for the first day, not 500,000.

My biggest beef with the “intentional shortage” theory is this - you have thousands of pre-orders going unfilled the first night. If MS shipped reservation numbers to the places that did pre-orders they would still achieve the “sold out” hype. So what do they gain by shorting those places? They risk alienating the very people that were willing to put down $50 or more months ago. Thus, the whole theory makes no sense.

And it’s not like they will fulfill demand a week later. Right now EB and GameStop are both telling reservation customers they hope to have their pre-orders filled by Christmas, but even that’s not guaranteed.

My guess is that MS may ship 3 million by then end of February, but a whole bunch are overseas (that’s not 3 million US) and a whole bunch will ship after Christmas.

Uh, would a shortage have anything to do with the xbox team other than calling the factory and asking how many they made tonight? They aren’t actually assembling the things are they?

Yes, Allard is personally assembling every unit with a screwdriver in one hand and a bong full of midnight oil in the other.

I think the shortage has more to do with the three-territory launch than any dubious plan to short supply on purpose.

Something like half the units made are being split between Europe and Japan - there would be twice as many available for the US on the 22nd if it was the typical launch scenario: one territory, then another six months later, then another six months after that.

Clear to YOU maybe. If you look at the first day the Dreamcast, PS2, or Gamecube was available anywhere in the world (ie, the Japan launch of all of those), there are a lot more AAA titles ready for the 360’s “first day anywhere in the world” launch. It may not have that one “omg” killer app (we’ll have to wait for review scores on Kameo, PDZ, PGR3 for that), but there’s certainly no dearth of quality software. Much of it even has the kind of functionality you don’t typically find in launch titles, like robust online play and co-op.

Our views of the comparitive launches get skewed by comparing the North American launch of previous systems with the NA launch of the 360, when in reality, we typically get a system after it has been on the market elsewhere for months.

There’s even more AAA stuff this time around than with the original Xbox launch. No “Halo” (at least that we know of) phenomenon, but I mean the overall lineup.

The first day a console goes on sale anywhere in the world, the lineup always sucks. Usually there’s one bright system-seller in there. Microsoft doesn’t have that unless Kameo or PDZ or PGR3 really capture the public’s imagination and get killer reviews, but it appears that they’ve traded that one killer app for a handful of “very good” apps. Probably not on purpose.

Bah, then they should have made twice as many.

That’s a great idea, Gary! You should be working for MS instead of being a porn bounty hunter.

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I’m sure they want to. They have had the factories going round the clock for the last three months, what they have is what they have.

That’s the catch 22. They could launch with more if they waited a few months, but then they could have gone more agressive with it - waiting for 65nm manufacturing process or refined the 90nm process with another chip spin, to get a higher-performing system (or a smaller one, or whatever).

At some point you have to put a stake in the ground and say “we’re going to make the most technically advanced thing we can make and put on shelves at such-and-such a time.”

Or, you could pull a Nintendo and make a system that is clearly not bleeding-edge tech, but has some unique ideas, and ship it when your Mario game is ready.

Microsoft has said in numerous interviews that they’d rather people complain about quantities but launch in three territories than have one territory get all they want, and then have two others wait around for months. Is it what gamers want? I dunno. If I wanted a system and I wasn’t in territory one, I’d be upset at having to wait for months to get my system, and I’d rather wait a few weeks to get one in a sold-out situation. But that’s me. MS did it for the publishers, too. They want a global launch, because they have too much invested in their franchises to have them release six months or a year later in another part of the world.

There will be shortages for awhile, then things will level out in a month or two. End of story. Its not like your going to die if you don’t get a 360 right away.