Ebook Bargains


I thought it was better.


American Gods is very hard for me to read. I think I gave up half way. But for $2, I’m willing to give this a chance.


Its way more accessible than American Gods. I think you will like it.


Anansi Boys is a wonderful novel, and yeah, less intricate for sure.


So there’s a Brandon Sanderson Humble Bundle available:

I’ve not read the guy. Recommendations from those of you who are fans?


I’m President and First Tiger of the Sanderson hype train, but that looks to me like a grab bag of one-off nonsense.


Yeah, unless the games are any good.


Well, it does have audio books of Elantris and Warbreaker, which are both great. But otherwise, yeah, it’s novellas that are not directly related to his novels (except there’s some weird metalayer to all his fiction that I don’t understand but is apparently a big discussion point for his more ardent fans) and the Mistborn tabletop roleplaying game with a couple sourcebooks, which sounds to be OK and which they are calling an adventure game for some reason. Those novellas go for like $4 each so it’s not a bad value comparatively and the ones I have read were good.


I did pick up snapshot for my Kindle (it sounds really interesting) but I haven’t read it yet, and it was less than $5


I see that they give you half an audiobook in tier 1, and the second half in tier 2 – unless those are complete books and then sequels. I hope it’s the latter because otherwise it’s annoying.


No, those are standalone novels, no sequels.

Warbreaker and Elantris are excellent, it’s true, though.


It’s a nice collection of stuff I’ve mostly never ready. And they’ve got it set up so you can easily email everything at once to your kindle library through the Humble site, so that’s nice.


No, they give you a third of the audiobook in Tier 1, another third in Tier 2, and the final third in Tier 3.


Didn’t even see the tier 3. Well, that’s certainly an anti-enticement. I don’t appreciate them splitting a book into thirds across three tiers.


While not the greatest price, I dont think Ive seen this book available for less. Along Came A Spider, the first of James Patterson’s Alex Cross books is on sale for $3.99

The series has become a bit long in the tooth and kind of formulamatic but the first book in the series shows why it was such a huge success. It really is an excellent mystery/suspense novel and a great read.


The early books were great.


Holy crap folks - Tor’s free ebook for May is A Fire Upon the Deep by Vernor Vinge. This is my favorite science fiction novel of all time, up there with Dune and The Stars My Destination. If you haven’t read it yet, you can’t beat the price.


Yeah, it’s one of my favorites as well. The year it came out, the Hugo Award had a rare split: two winners for Best Novel that year. A Fire Upon the Deep and Doomsday Book by Connie Willis. Both are excellent and a couple of the best science fiction novels of all time, and very hard to compare with each other. Fire Upon the Deep is a grand epic science fiction, and Doomsday Book is time travel to the 14 century.

I do need to re-read it. It’s been decades since I last read it. There was a sequel released a few years ago. Sadly someone at Qt3 in another thread told me it wasn’t very good.

I’ll likely still read it though.


Thirded. Great read. And downloaded to my phone. Time for a re-read.


A Fire Upon the Deep is a fantastic novel. Absolutely one of my favorites. Ill grab it so its in my kindle library.
Regarding the direct sequel ( technically A Deepness in the Sky was the first sequel, as it is listed as book 2 in the “Zones of Thought” series ), I wouldn’t say it was bad but Fire Upon the Deep is such a tough act to follow that it would be a monumental task to make a sequel that wasn’t a bit of a disappointment. That being said, it is really a transitional novel meant to set the stage for the third book. I enjoyed it but it did feel a bit like filler put in place while they waited for a particular time locked event.