Ebook Bargains


It is free for prime members but yes, the interface sort of hides it.

From the home page, look for the the link to My Prime Benefits or something like that, then somewhere in that list will be Prime Reading. That’ll take you to a page with all kinds of reading goodness. Books, magazines, and also some books with audible narration.


Been reading Robin Hobb.

I can’t prove it, but it feels like all her series they discount the first book down to like $3, next is $5 and last is standard price.

Maybe I’m just hitting a discount lottery, but I feel like it’s just a smart move. Get em in cheap once they’re hooked they’ll pay full price for the rest.

Worth it too, since so far it’s all been quality (and I’m on like the 3rd trilogy at this point).


Good stuff. Just checked and I see she put out a new trilogy that finished recently “The Fitz and The Fool”, so I know what I will be reading next. Well, maybe the 3rd Bobiverse book which just came out today. Second one wasn’t as fun as the first but still well worth reading.


Wait, Robin Hobb’s a woman?


Er… yes?


Wow, mind blown. I thought Kelly Wand was a woman for the longest time as well.


Isn’t Robin a woman’s name? My only references are the V character and the Princess Bride actress, but that’s already a crowd.


Robin is a name that can be either way, though these days it definitely trends towards being a female name, historically it hasn’t (one of the most common male names in history).


Robin, What I have done to you! *

*Linkrot pretty much killed this thread, but probably one of my all time QT3 favorites


I’ve read two trilogies by Robin Hobb. I got turned onto her by GRRM. He recommended her on his blog, and he said he envied her ability to have half of the first book in which nothing really happens. And that was true! It’s just a guy in the woods who had his adventures and is retired, and doesn’t want to be drawn back. And you spend the longest time in the woods with him.

You can see that GRRM was influenced by this, since he put out Book 4 and 5 after this recommendation, and I think there were sections in both where he really excelled at doing what Robin Hobb does, which is to draw out the situation, and extend it without anything important actually happening. And he does a really good job at it too, I thought. Especially in Book 5 when everything is covered in snow.


Wow, I am sad that most of the pics are gone. That was indeed a glorious thread.


Free for Prime on Kindle devices only, I think. Regular android/iOS need not apply.

At least that’s how it works with the free prime books for me - I can only read them on my Kindle and I haven’t seen a way to pick them up and read them on my android tablet.


Works for me? I ‘purchased’ the free Feynman book above using the Amazon web page and just took a look on my iPhone’s Kindle app, which I hadn’t loaded in years since I greatly prefer my Kindle. But the book was there and readable.


If you liked Feynman you are gonna LOVE Susskind.

He has literally dozens of hour + length lectures online. This one is a decent start. I snipped out the intro.


Yeah, it works for me too. I can use the free books on Kindle app for Android. Regular Prime for me, no extra for a reading program.


Well Robin Hood and Robin Williams weren’t female were they, maybe they were.

Now my brother is called Patrick and his girlfriend is called Shane, no way has that been a girl’s name.


On sale for 2 smackaroos, you read now


Great book. I bought it in 1991 based on the book cover, so I’m sad that this has a new bland book cover now. (Well, I bought it based on the book cover and the “Hugo Award Winner” icon in the corner of that book cover).


I started it recently and then put it down … not sure why. But apparently this is modeled on the Canterbury Tales.

Did this ever happen?


Yeah, I read it, but was pretty underwhelmed with it back in the day. I actually like some of Simmons other stuff better.