Ebook Bargains


I don’t remember much of anything, besides Saul’s retelling, which I recall finding very interesting. Although anything that talks about the passing of time and our relation to it interests me.


I read the Hyperion trilogy and really enjoyed it. Haven’t read any of his other work but I really enjoyed the story of this one.


Just in case you don’t know, there’s four books in the series, not three! So if you haven’t read it, Rise of Endymion is a good follow up to Endymion.


You are correct, I read all four. My memory is not as good as it used to be.


Today’s Kindle daily deal is a discount on cookbooks. I mention this primarily because Kindle versions of Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything, How to Cook Everything Fast, and How to Cook Everything The Basics are all $4 each. I have been cooking the majority of my meals from Fast for well over a year now and it is absolutely fantastic. The original has a broader range of recipes (since, for one thing, they don’t have to be doable in under an hour) and more cooking tips and techniques and such but a much inferior layout for my purposes. Still an extremely good buy at $4. I assume The Basics is also good but don’t own it.


I’ve never used an e–book cookbook. How much different is it than using a physical copy?


If you have a tablet, not very. You don’t have to prop it open but you do have to tap to turn pages if it’s on more than one. I have no idea how people without tablets use them.

I own physical copies of the two Bittman books I recommended so I mostly use those, but I have done the electronic version of Fast when visiting family and most of my other cookbooks are on my iPad.


Greg Bear’s Eon series collection is on sale at Amazon. I haven’t read Bear before, any thoughts?


My physical copy of this has a broken spine from constant use. Perhaps I should grab the eBook.


Im grabbing it. Bear has written some pretty good stuff and this is something I never picked up. Thanks for the heads up.


Perhaps! That particular deal was just the one day though.


Oh. So it is. Thanks.


I loved the first two. Haven’t read the third, though.


Eon had me at pi-meter


Anyone familiar with any of these Japanese Science Fiction works or know if they’re worth checking out?


I’ve read several. They are definitely worth checking out. I would go ahead and go for the full $20 since Legend of Galactic Heroes is one of the best anime ever made and it’s based on those novels. (But to be fair I haven’t yet read -those-. More Yukikaze, Mardock Scramble, etc.)


I read the original Yukikaze (enjoyed it) and have the second one (along with all the LoGH novels) sitting on my shelf waiting to be read. No insight on the rest but I’m at least familiar with the majority by name.


Looks like there’s a new Humble Bundle with a bunch of science fiction books -

I’m not too familiar with all the work here, but there are some great authors - Octavia Butler, Joe Haldeman, Harlan Ellison, looks pretty solid.


I haven’t read “The Genome”, but Sergei Lukyanenko’s Nightwatch/Daywatch/etc. series are great fun. Michael Swanwick is usually solid (though I’m not sure why MaryAnne from Gilligan’s Island is on the cover of that book).

In the second set, John Brunner is one of the most important writers of the 70s, though if you haven’t read him at all I’d recommendeither “The Sheep Look Up” or “Stand on Zanzibar” first. And of course Andre Norton is Andre Norton.

The third set has several excellent choices in it, and would be worth buying just for “Dawn” if you haven’t read Butler.

And of course the 4th set has both Haldeman and Anderson in it. Not their best work, but certainly both good reading.


I’ll also point out Alan Dean Foster, who was one of my favorites growing up for his Flinx and Pip and also Spellsinger series. Not familiar with the Icerigger books though.