Ebook Bargains


I just ended up in a rabbit hole of buying books on Amazon. Bought a fighter pilot memoir for 99 cents and saw a number of other interesting books for the same price in the “recommended” area below. And by paging through those on a few of the books I bought, I ended up with a dozen-plus WW2 pilot memoirs for 0.99-$1.20 each. I’m not sure if that’s just the going price nowadays, or if Amazon has a sale going on the category, but given how many similar books I’ve bought on paper for $5-25, it’s an amazing deal!

The list (None of these cost me over $1.20)… I linked a few of them, clicking those should take you to the others (and some other 99-cent books I already had) in the “Customers who bought this item…” section.

Spitfire! Memoirs of a Battle of Britain Fighter Pilot
One Man Air Force (by Don Gentile)
Secret Weapons of World War II
The Saga of Pappy Gunn
U.S.S. Seawolf: Submarine Raider of the Pacific (Obligatory sub book : )
Carrier Pilot: One of the greatest pilot’s memoirs of WWII - a true aviation classic.
They Gave me a Seafire
The Last Enemy
Burn After Reading: The Espionage History of World War II
Young Man You’ll Never Die: A World War II Fighter Pilot In North Africa, Burma & Malaya
Serenade to the Big Bird

EDIT: Bonus, I also bought this one that cost a staggering $1.99. The Battle of Midway: Searching for the Truth

Recent air combat sim recommendations?

The last is interesting, even just from reading the reviews. After you read it, do let us know if you think the author sheds any new light. I thought it was established conventional wisdom that the dive bombers won the Battle of Midway, but also that the Devastators’ sacrifice (bringing Japanese CAP down to torpedo bomber level) was a big contributor, regardless of whether their torpedoes were hot garbage or not.


$1 to $3 is not an atypical price for self-published stuff. Dunno if those are but I would not be surprised.


Thank you for the pointers! I grabbed a few of them (I may have never read a book about WW2 besides the forgotten soldier; I am ashamed).


Thanks Denny, definitely gonna grab some of these!

K, I ended up getting these (each $0.99!), can’t wait to read them:


Oh cool, submarine books! I love those.


Me too. Have you read this one? It’s a favorite of mine.


No I haven’t. Sounds cool though.


Willam Gibson’s Mona Lisa Overdrive is $2. I haven’t read it. So I don’t know if that’s worth reading or not.


I seem to remember thinking it was ok, but no Neuromancer. I’d probably say two bucks, give it a shot, but that’s just me.


I actually thought it was superior to Neuromancer,and one of his best. Haven’t read it in decades however.


No, if you look, almost all of these are also available in print editions, and many date from back around WW2. More likely a sale, or the material is of less interest to a modern readership and they’re dropping digital prices accordingly. The authors made back their advances 70 years ago. :)

I’ll occasionally pick up a self-published book if it has a lot of positive reviews from people who aren’t obviously friends of the author, and the subject matter is enticing. But generally I prefer something professionally edited.


Traditional publishers will often put ebooks on sale for cheap prices, and there’s at least one new publisher that specializes in working with authors who have rights revert back. I believe they are called Open Road. They work with the authors to put out ebook versions. They are often on sale for cheap too. Here’s an article about them:


A heads up for those who are interested in the works of Robert McCammon. Several of his works are available for $2 or less on Amazon. Of particular note are what are arguably his 2 best novels. Both Swan Song and Boys Life are $1.99


Thanks for the heads up. Those books look like they’re right up my alley. Purchased both of them.


This is as good a bargain as you can possibly find. HP Lovecraft: The Complete Collection for Kindle… for free!


Such a sad ending for someone whose work is considered legendary.


Amazing deal. Thank you.


FYI, Lovecraft’s stuff is in the public domain now, so if you do pay for it, it should be to reward someone for doing a good formatting job on a Kindle book, or to pay for the paper printing. :)


If you like a good fantasy/thieves guild kind of story the excellent Lies of Locke Lamora is only $2 right now. https://www.amazon.com/Lies-Locke-Lamora-Gentleman-Bastards-ebook/dp/B000JMKNJ2?_bbid=7860449&tag=bookbubemail16-20

Its the first book in the Gentleman Bastards series.