Ebook Bargains


These books are fantastic! I tore through the first one and am forcing myself to go slower with Liar’s Harvest. I heartily recommend them. Looks like Bad Radio is $4.99. Protip: don’t read the book preview/summary on Amazon if you’re spoiler-averse.


Also picked up both and halfway through Bad Radio. Enjoying the story so far, and it really motors along nicely.


Whereas I picked both up and gave up on Bad Radio halfway through. I wasn’t enjoying it that much, since it felt a bit on the simplistic and obvious side, and I couldn’t stomach the mafia-boss type cozying up to them shortly after the protagonist killed two of his men.


I can’t remember the thread for ebook bundles.

Fiction Bundle Chapter 1: The Beginning Bundle
The Godmakers By Frank Herbert
Assemblers of Infinity By Kevin J. Anderson & Doug Beason
The Golden Queen By David Farland
Lights in the Deep By Brad R. Torgersen
Bone Shop By Tim Pratt
Dust and Kisses By Dean Wesley Smith

Bonus: The Complete Stories of Tim Pratt (So Far) By Tim Pratt

Pay $10 or more to get the bonus book. I’m not sure what the minimum price is. Download as mobi/epub/pdf.


Bone Shop is by TA Pratt, a very different author than Tim Pratt. I’m mostly interested in the bonus book, personally, since I have a lot of his stuff and I’ve found it all enjoyable. The question is how much is there than I don’t already have.


I counted 130 stories in the bonus book (1002 pages in the pdf), I think. And it’s the same guy.


Damn, I looked him up on Wikipedia and you’re right. The Marla Mason books (which I haven’t read) look so different than his other work that I assumed it was just a similar name. It’s not quite a psuedonym, more like how Iain Banks deliberately separated his non-SF books with Iain M. Banks.


I’m working my way through the “Complete Stories” bonus book first. Man, I’d forgotten how deeply strange Pratt is. Lots of really good stories I haven’t read before, but they’re all completely off the wall. One of the first ones is about a high school dance where the girls wear razorblade fingernails and try and kill or maim the guys, and the guys try and pin them and strip off the weaponized nails.


There’s a free collection of Tor.com fiction that was published on their website in 2012. Stories by Cory Doctorow, Charles Stross, etc. Here’s the Amazon link but I believe it’s available at the Nook and Kobo stores too.


Yep the Nook version is available for free as well. Thanks for the heads up.


Stephen King’s Dr. Sleep, the sequel to The Shining is available on the Nook for $1.99, today only


I just read this, it’s a perfectly serviceable King story.


Dr. Sleep also on sale on Amazon for the same price.


I missed the Doctor Sleep sale! Ugh!


Looks like most of the Dennis Lehane ebooks are $1.99 on Amazon today only.


Nook has 300 bestsellers for 50% (or more) off. If youre a Jack Reacher fan you can get Never Go Back (#18) for $1.99


The Hedonistic Castrators of Sex Nexus Nine

This is free right now. I’m just guessing, but I assume the book’s trash, but what a great title!

Book description (NSFW)

When the giant vagina appears in the sky, Jack Sumpthin climbs it, falls in and is transported to the planet of extraordinary sex. On Herenou, he discovers the Herbies are having their sexual organs systematically harvested by the dominant race of Castrators. Sex Nexus Nine, the intergalactic womb-hole fueled from energy created from massive sexual orgies, is their plea for help. Jack’s quest brings him in contact with sex trees, the Blowbirds of Happiness, sperm races, telekinetic strip clubs, living thinking dildos, masturbation propulsion and the terrifying castration machines. And who is the other Earthling that has already been on Herenou for centuries?


That’s just. . . wow.

That went exactly everywhere I wanted it to.


Angry Robot Publishing has hit their 100th Angry Robot imprint book so they’re selling a bundle of all 100 in DRM free epub format for 100 British pounds (83-ish for US folks since they’re not subject to VAT): http://www.robottradingcompany.com/angry-robot-100.html

They’re a pretty cool small SF/fantasy publisher and although they don’t have any really big names publishing through them I personally have enjoyed every novel I’ve read that bore their imprint. There’s only 100 bundles, so if you want to take advantage of the offer, might want to do it soon. (I doubt they’re exactly flying off the shelves, granted. It’s a lot to drop on ebooks all at once, especially a comprehensive bundle where you probably haven’t read all the authors involved.)


The best bargain is free.

M. David Blake’s magnum opus, the 2014 Campbellian Anthology, is now available for download! This book attempts to collect in one volume representative works by most of the writers eligible for this year’s John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer. We don’t have them all—there were a few we couldn’t get—but all the same, this book contains more than 860,000 words of fiction by 111 authors, and best of all, it’s not merely free, it’s DRM-FREE.