Ebook Bargains


Nice. And a brilliant idea, too. Awards are always better if you have some idea what you’re getting into.


Did anyone see that the honor harrington series is out for free?


All of them? Where?


I’m looking through Amazon now and it looks like at least On Basilisk Station and The Honor of the Queen are free. The rest of the series appears to be normal price there.


Look out, as THotQ has two editions listed, including a 2nd edition:

This is apparently due to an agreement between Amazon and Baen, who’ve been providing many free ebooks for quite some time now. As part of the agreement, they can’t have the same edition of the book on their Free Library, so they’ve been hastily adding extra forwards/maps/commentary to the ebooks and putting out new, for-money editions for Amazon to sell. http://forums.davidweber.net/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=3934

Not that there’s anything wrong with paying for awesome books :)


Obligatory Baen Free Library Link;


And Baen books CD Link;


You can find, there, many - but by no means all - the Honourverse books. (20 of 29, plus there’s a novella in the the House of Steel companion)


I was curious how they’d deal with the issue of free versions of these books already being available. Quite a lot of the Honor books are available for free via the CDs, which are available online via Fifth Imperium.


They don’t host them, and are not issuing any more CD’s, so that’s not an issue.

(Yea, the CD thing’s over. Oh well)


The Amazon Gold Box deal of the day today (May 17th) is a bunch of Dresden Files books for $1.99 each.


Good? Very good? Excellent? Agatha Christie-worthy?


Don’t know myself, but they all have very strong (4+/5) reviews over at Goodreads with tens of thousands of reviews. Figured it was a great deal and just snagged all 7 of them.


Some people love them. I’m on the fence, though I’ve only read the first. They are first-person hard-boiled contemporary fantasies with a modern day wizard as the detective. As you might expect he cracks wise as often as possible. More Sam Spade than Hercule Poirot.

I enjoyed the first but wasn’t blown away, but I’ve heard they get better. So I grabbed 'em too. They are never cheap like this unless you get them at the library.


Nice deals. Yeah, they aren’t high art, but they definitely get better and full of fun characters.


I’ve only read the first four but my favorite so far is the third.


It’s a little late, but I think the series doesn’t really pick up until the 3rd or 4th book. You can easily skip the first two or three and just read the recaps on wikipedia.


Yeah, the third book is where one of the main arcs kicks in, and the fourth book is one of the best in the series.


The fourth was Summer Knight with the faerie characters? If so, that’s the last one I read and really didn’t like it for some reason.


Oh hey, three months later I notice this one - still free. You can spend $1.99 and get the professional narration in addition.


Yeah, that one. The sixth book is still my favorite though.


Amazon has Joe Hill’s NOS4A2 for $1.99 today.